I Never Get Sexually Aroused Or Attracted To Girls Anymore, Am I Okay?

Hi readers, I'm pete(pseudonym), I'm 22, and a virgin, I come from an average family, I won't say I'm too handsome but I'm averagely good looking, they was a phase in my life where I was hyperactive and always drawn to the opposite sex that mere looking at a pic I get erection, this made me chased a lot of girls with different tactics( sweet mouth, dressing, money) they all rejected me despite my looks and money, I resort to porn but find it disgusting, I switched to masturbat,ion it didn't work infact nothing is enjoyable about it and sex workers are a no no for me,

after trying desperately for years to get a real girlfriend for the first time in my life I gave up on searching, I kept loosing intrest in girls, now I never get sexually aroused anymore, even when I see Unclad women physically or we get locked in a room I will feel nothing, the only erection I get now is the early morning erection, I'm not gay but I am really starting to get worried...


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