Message from a about-to-die Slay Mama - Used By YahooBoy

True life story please read.

My name is Lisa and in some hours time I will be living this world, I do not seek pity but prayer and also I plead that every one that read these will share so as to warn the ever growing slay mama out there, at the long run you ain't actually slaying but killing yourself.
I don't have mush to say but my before and after picture should convince you.
The only thing I remember now is my name and the last time I had sex with a yahoo boy, I can't remember his face or his name again but I know judgement will one day catch up with him as it has done with me.

And I use the last minute and breath to warn every lady out there that goes after men,boys and kids with flashy things. Please all that glitters are not gold.

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