FacebookGirl - Please Return The Phone You Stole From Our Room

A facebook user Queen Chineye posted on her profile that a friend of her friend or let me say a fellow slay mama stole her phone. The name of the accused is Temmylistic Temmy

Here is her post below - Profile Link -- Queen Chineye

Here are the few comment from the people on Chineye profile...

Link to Temmylistic Temmy Profile

But I always ask, why do people always defend thieves ? Why ? Yes it is an allegation but some people comments on Chineye profile is out of hand. They were insulting her and some even said is it Temmylistic the first person to steal... Let assume she stole the phone for real, is it right for people to be defending a thief ?

Note: this is an accusation, neither Queen Chineye nor Temmylistic Temmy should be judged, this matter might be settled between the duo...

Your opinion pls


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