Barcelona vs Paris SG - Read my stand.


Congrats to all Barca fans.. it is a real war and Barca deserve the winning..

Just for the record. I was alive when oloriburuku Arsene Wenger team was beaten to pulp at Bayern i.e Bayern 5 - 1 Assnal, then Bayer came tto Assnal to beat Wenger another 1 - 5 making it all 10 - 2 tarrr iya re.. Then PSG was feeling like a boss when they teach Barca a lesson of their life by beaten them PSG 5 - 1 Barca... Now the tremendous almighty Barca revenged back by beating PSG black and blue, by teaching PSG lesson their next generation will never read finish.... Ever blazing Barca 6 - while the unfortunate PSG by lucky scored just 1 goal. My sister, my brother if you still haven't believe in yourself I don't know how you will make it ooo maybe in another life... #iSignOut #HailMac #AlMightyBarca


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