Olamide Baddo Writes Open Letter To Fans + Flaunting His New Hairstyle

 He posted this on his facebook page 21hours ago and he also shared the screenshot on his instagram yesterday too.. See the copy below..

Dear fans, thanks for all the support over the years, you guys are so amazing . Everything the industry denied me of when I started , young, hungry , strong , and passionate about music are coming my way now - glory be to God . D vultures in d industry tried to kill my shine saying I stole Grin style - we all love Grin but that was a though one to overcome trussss mi . I'm at peace with myself , I'm happy ,living my dreams,bringing my brothers up , repping my hood , my heritage , my culture , everything I believe in is everything I'm standing and living for . I don't need to brag abut d 💸 & 🏆 I bn getting . Those that are not getting it yet are no less human . I am here to contribute the little I can to make every1 around me strong and independent , here to motivate the streets and less privilege that any thing is possible if u put ur heart into it and put God first . I'm not here to make another man's effort ,work, or product look like nothing ..... There's enuff money to go round if u play ur part well . If they give me award or not it does not define me .... God bless whoever wins any award .... God bless the organizers for the initiative. Thanks for creating an avenue to commend us for our works . But It's nothing compared to what I am and who I am . I am human ! made by God . I am worth more than an award .... Award is man made ..... I am not - I am Magic 🔮 . If I need 1m awards on my shelf I'll get some1 to make dem for me if I don't have d money maybe I'll go to pquare's house and rob dem or d'banj lol (just kidding).. Ds doesn't mean I don't appreciate all the awards have been given or the ppl that voted . I do but pls let's not devalue our selves as humans and stop letting material things determine how we see others or love and respect them .... If I were God I'll be disappointed in humans for appreciating man made things more than the air they breath , the blood running through their vain , the tongue that could taste , the hands that could feel , eyes that could see , ear that could hear etc. maybe that's why there's no peace in the world right now .. Maybe if we start appreciating each other , love and respect our differences the world would be a better place . God is love , spread love , we are magic 🔮 .


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