Certificates dont land you a Job in recent world; Your skill(s) do! - Ak Sehu

As a proud Nigerian who wants to contribute to the country in an effort to ease the burden of the federal government towards reducing unemployment especially among youths in the country, I am ready as always to impact and share the knowledge and skills i have with my fellow Nigerians.

Among other skills that God Almighty has given me is "Website Development".

 With the technological advancement in today's world, Nigeria of course needs to catch up. Nigeria is a great nation with endless possibilities and opportunities for growth; hence youth empowerment is one of the fundamental driving forces to the economy. Many are of the view that we use the skills we have to make money; without doubt we need money to survive and to make ends meet. But it is not all about “Making Money”, we should always remember that there are many other people who do not have money and yet want to learn from the skills we have. It takes nothing to share knowledge, after all God gave the skills and knowledge without demanding money from us, hence money should not be a prerequisite to share skills and knowledge. Some even think if I share my skills and knowledge, I will not relevant anymore because many people will have the same skills- completely being insecure! Are we not supposed to contribute to our society? What happened to social responsibility?

Social responsibility is important and that is why we need to give back to the society in which we live; this may be in the form of money, donation, items or knowledge that will be beneficial to the society. As for me, I might not be rich but the skills I have makes me the richest person in my own capacity.

 As I mentioned earlier, “Website Development” is one of the great asset God has given me and as far as I am alive I will share it the best I can.

What will you learn as a Nigerian Youth?

I will teach you  how to create, design and develop website of all kind ranging from small business, large business, corporate company, E-commerce solution, customized website, personal website and many more using Joomla!. It’s also expected to go in same direction with the latest technology trend. This also will serve as an important skills for Nigerian youth to empower themselves in the area of web development. With regards to this, Nigerian youth will not depend on the government to provide jobs. It is important to note that the government cannot provide jobs for all Nigerians; hence, acquiring this skill will make the youths to be self-employed and self-reliant. Additionally, it will serve as a top-up skills for graduates and current student as well, who wish to specialize in web development. They can also be freelancers. NO SKILLS OR KNOWLEDGE IS A WASTE!

Some people ask me: Why am i doing this???

 "........ I realised there is no other way to contribute specifically to the Nigerian youth than share my knowledge and skills with them; hence i made it a responsibility to give back to the Society through Free Joomla! Training, seminars and workshops which serves as an empowering medium to the Youths and Student of the federal Republic of Nigeria".

As a reminder to the youths, Graduates; Certificates dont land you a Job in recent world; Your skill(s) do!. Dont get me wrong, i am not saying having the certificate is a bad thing, but I emphasis on having the right skills as a backup.

 I am open to invitation from the Government, NGOs, Business people, companies, Universities, Colleges etc.

Thank you and God Bless Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Source: www.akshehu.com


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