Must Read: Osogbo Now Have More Lesbian & Bio Sexual Ladies

I think it is now high time I will start doing ofofo in Osogbo. Recently I sat with some guys and they were narrating a story of a lady in Osogbo, that what she love doing is going to clubs or bars to take a female Olosho for her night pleasure. I am not surprised though but at the same time it amazed me because I am not expecting such act in Osogbo. So, I furthered my investigation in knowing if there are a lots of Lesbian in Osogbo or not. During my research I found out that there are less ladies who are into lesbianism but I also found out that Osogbo now have huge number of Bio Sexual ladies.

I have two scenarios 

1) A student of Uniosun is into Men and Women, she f-Uck anybody she likes and the worst part is that, some ladies that normally visit her said she's in possession of "Dido" artificial penis.

2) In a regretful reaction a girl have knew for years comes out to be a Bio Sexual and she said she only do it once in awhile  and she also claim that her sis lured her into the act. 
- I asked her when last did she do a woman like her.:: She said last month which is Feburary 2016. 
- I asked her how did that happened::: She said the Lesbian girl approached her that she like her, she like her look and everything about her and she also like her too and they decided to have s**x for about 1hour.

So, I want all guys to know that not all girls you see in town do Men only, they also do Women too. Try to find out who u are going with before they start f*ucking your pretty little sisters.



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