Photos: Meet Man Who Is Married To N1.3M Sex doll

A young man who is married to a doll has given a breakdown of their daily life.

Dirk and Jenny’s sentiments are: to love one another, to support one another and to share a lot of their private time together.

The only thing that sets them apart is Jenny is a ‘real doll’ that Dirk bought for 6,000 euros (that’s $6,750 and N1.3million).

His reason for the purchase was after he suffered a breakdown from feeling lonely. They have been living together in Dirk’s flat for 4 years now. They tied the knot in Dirk’s flat, and instead of a wedding ring, he gifted her heart shaped pendant on a chain.

A Documentary carried on the couple’s day to day lives by photographer, Sandra Hoyn, discovered the 40-year-old man bathed Jenny on Sundays, they wrote a blog together and watched football in front of the TV side by side. Dirk, however, hasn’t told any of his family or friends, including his child from a previous marriage. When he has guests he conceals her in his bedroom and dims the lights.

The photographer’s biggest challenge, was coming to terms with treating Jenny as the person Dirk sees her to be; to not to just see the doll just as a doll, but to “recognize what the man sees and loves in her”.

She actually started to feel her presence, and when Jenny was put in bed for a ‘sleep’, actually felt her voice volume lowering, afraid of waking her.

“I can’t live without love. My loneliness destroyed me.” Dirk says of his silicone doll. Dirk carrying Jenny into the bathroom. He always has to remove the door so that Jenny fits through. “Jenny is such a sensitive being. She is so helpless.” He said.



These things happen as a result of loneliness and low self esteem and crazy women too

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