Ladies if U Have Biz Ideal it is for you - Linda Ikeji to start her 'I'd Rather Be Self Made' Phase 2

This program is the second episode Linda will be doing for young ladies, once u have good business proposal they will support you financially.

Hello ladies, happy to announce that I am ready to commence the Phase 2 of my empowerment programme, "I'd Rather Be Self Made"...where I mentor and also help by providing capital for young women to start their own small scale businesses. I was supposed to do this late last year but after buying my house, I had to So, I'm ready again! And this year, I'm really targeting many young ladies. Nothing would make me happier than to see more women succeed. A lot of money will come from me, but I'm also hoping other rich people/corporate organizations will join me in this. Our young women need to be re-oriented, guided & believe more in themselves & their power. Continue..

Like I always say, there's no money like your own money. The freedom it gives you is amazing!

So ladies, if you're between 18-26 years old, you have a business idea and need capital to start your business, or you already have a business but need guidance and more money pumped into it, write down a short business plan/proposal and get ready. I will announce where we will be meeting soon. Just waiting for my people to put things together. Just get your proposal ready...but remember this is for small scale businesses...any project above N1million will not be considered. We are looking at from N100k to N1million max.

And sorry guys, this is strictly for the ladies...:-)


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