Photos: Wanted associate of Nigerian fraudster caught & sentenced to 8 and half years in prison

Fraudsters Martin Campbell, 28 and Henry Ogunde, 33, were jailed after they groomed vulnerable people to create a £730,000 fraud empire. Campbell absconded after he was sentenced to 8 and a half years in prison in his absence as he failed to appear in court. He was arrested by National Crime Agency officers on January 25, 2016 at an address in Halesowen, West Midlands. An extra 2 months has been added to his sentence. 

Ogunde was found guilty of conspiracy to commit fraud, two counts of merchant services fraud, one count of money laundering, two counts of possession of documents for use in fraud and sentenced to five-and-a half years by Birmingham Crown Court in December. 

Campbell and his associate, Henry Ogunde netted £730,000 in cash and goods in a variety of frauds that targeted major retailers, businesses and private individuals. 

One scam involved approaching people on the streets of the West Midlands, taking them for dinner and buying them clothes in order to gain their trust. The pair then used their victims to set up bank accounts, fake companies and move cash. If they resisted they were often met with the threat of violence.

Their targets included unemployed people living in social housing or with no fixed address. They were promised up to £40,000 for their complicity but most received only a few hundred pounds.

Another scheme involved sending fraudulent emails to companies and private individuals pretending to be suppliers or customers. The fraudsters then diverted payments into a money laundering account set up and controlled by Campbell’s crime group and used their victims to withdraw and move the cash. One transaction stole £154,000 in life savings from an elderly man.

The pair and their money mules were uncovered following a complex investigation by the National Crime Agency which connected an online forum dealing in stolen credit card details with the network. 

NCA Birmingham Operations Manager, Adam Warnock said:
"Marvin Campbell was a manipulative fraudster who had no regard for the vulnerable people he preyed on. Nobody should think they can avoid justice by going on the run. The NCA was determined Campbell should serve his sentence, and now he is doing that."


8yrs is too small u know how many people must av died of high bp cuz dey were fraued

January 30, 2016 at 8:43 PM comment-delete

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