A Visit to EFCC Car Park

In our usual quest to give a detailed and responsible reportage and always giving the facts from the falsehood. we embark on a trip to the EFCC car garage, I learnt this is the garage, EFCC used to park its cars which was seized from looters, yahoo boys and all those criminal offences.

I want to give kudos to them as in the words of Wole Soyinka, When you fight corruption, corruption fights back, and when it fights back, its deadly. A visit to the park reveals scores of luxury parks, some are getting rotten, some are getting old, some are still new and some are just normal type of cars.

My take however is, instead of leaving these cars and making them to waste and got spoilt, why can't we auction these cars at a very affordable rates and that which will benefit the public. Even the holy book says, that we shall take from the rich to the poor (my own version), In as much as I give kudos to them, I want to appeal, we do some needful by transferring some of these cars to the market and let the public have a feeling of their work and also they can have some funds too in their coffers.



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