Mike Tyson Breaks Finger on Set of New Movie

 Donnie Yen-Mike Tyson showdown on Ip Man 3 set: Guess who won?

  Donnie Yen-Mike Tyson showdown on Ip Man 3 set: Guess who won?

Action star Donnie Yen accidentally broke the finger of former boxer Mike Tyson while they were filming a scene for Ip Man 3, reported Apple Daily.

HONG KONG – In a fight between Donnie Yen and Mike Tyson, who would win? That question seemed settled on the set of Ip Man 3 the other day, when action star Yen accidentally broke a finger of his new co-star, knockout king Tyson, said Apple Daily.

Tyson had his left index finger in a brace when the newspaper visited the set. He was quoted as saying by the report: “You were only worried whether Donnie would be injured, nobody thought of my safety.”

Yen said he was trying to give the camera a good shot when his elbow struck Tyson’s finger. “I knew I hit him during the shoot, but didn’t think it was serious, and we continued shooting.”

Tyson found out about the fracture when he went to hospital later, said Yen, who added: “I’m really very sorry.”


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