My Husband Is Disturbing Me Too Much With Sex

Men are not built to be with just one woman, I don't know why our society is living in denial. Most men who claim they have just one wife are "shooting" left, right and center with other ladies. Even the single ladies who are looking for one-husband are "firing" other women husband. #GoFigure

A lady who doesn't want her man to get another wife even when she can't satisfy him has cried out:
My husband's s*xual libido is so high that as his wife, I am exhausted and tired. He demands for it from me every other day and my refusal has caused issues between us.  
It is not like I am trying to run away from my marital duties but
sometimes I just need him to understand that the rigors of work and taking care of our three little children takes its toll on me and s*x is sometimes the last thing on my mind. 
I might just want to rest and as hardened as he is, even when he sees that I climb the bed by 11.30pm and I am to wake up by 5.30am to start preparing the children for school, he doesn't care and still demands sex from me. 
I am Tired. Now I am thinking if I should talk to my Pastor or his Father so that they can talk to him for me. 
Keep complaining...just continue. Lol!


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