Alright, a friend or should a say I brother decided to share his views and say on the issue going on in South Africa... Read the writeup below and also watch the video... You can comment guys.

Written by MuhammaduLikeNinty

I quoted from what " Julius Malema" of South African said in the Parliament meeting. right in front of Jacob Zuma of South Africa president, telling him that their  people were taught that resolution to in-differences should be solve through violence. And also disagreed with people in Maricana, because he never believe in peaceful resolution. Even when people have problem in Mutulutu demanding water, he killed them, when Titanic protested against the state, he killed them, lastly when disagreement occurred in the parliament, he raised up a violence against EFF.  Malema's  said Jacob Zuma should take Full responsibility for every miss lead in the nation, as he believed in VIOLENCE.

In 2008...same issue which leads to death of about 60 peoples. I see this as racial intolerance and its a very big disgrace to the world. As Africans gives the room for the White peoples all over the world to impose on us and treat us like we re nobody.Like a slave or African's black Monkeys.

"Taken their Jobs". I have mother at home and so does the Africans who had been killed through the violence. I have biological brothers, friends, family and relative in SA, hustling, study, working under South African government or private companies as well as self established business.  And Some Animal Heartless human being in South African were out there killing innocent Africans.

Fellow Africans, we need each other, let us support each other, don't let us kill each other, there's no country in the WORLD that can survive in Isolation. Please South African's embrace your fellow Africans for Peace and Unit, not to kill each others. Say no to Xenophobia Attacks.

Finally....This to my fellow Africans living in South Africa. Don't support Violence and say no to this unreasonably fearful of or hating anyone or anything foreign. So please don't trouble troubles, until trouble troubles you. Fight back to defend yourself, your businesses and family. If they walk in to your front door, brings out whatever ammunition u have at home to fight them back, they came to kill you, kill them first, its call self defense. Show know mercy as they didn't show it back in returns killing their fellow Africans. But I only support this fight back to your enemies only when they attack you in the street or your house or your working places, to defend yourselves.

I decree death and grave yard sentences unto every killer, male or female young or old born of a woman, inside or outside South long as the sun rises and darkness cannot comprehend, they shall all die the same way the victims were slaughtered and burned even so terrible a death shall befall them...say Amen if you're innocent?? Amen...



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