WEAK OR WICKED? APC Mocks PDP In New Campaign Advert (LOOK)

The Newspaper Advert reads:- 

You hire a contract staff for a renewable term of for yours. He idles away until it is time for performance appraisal. Will you renew his contract or fire him? 

- 300 Chibok girls were abducted, Jonathan said it was Propaganda 

- Over 100 killed in Nyanya bomb blast, he went dancing in Kano. 

- When 29 boys were slaughtered in Buni Yadi, he went celebrating Centenary. 

5 Weeks to election, President Jonathan remembers he is the Commander-in-Chief, If he had done the needful on time, poor innocent souls would have been saved, Is this man just weak or simply wicked? 

Whats your say about this? 


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