Ekiti State Presidential Result Collated So far. #NigeriaDecides

Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State

This unconfirmed results. INEC reserve all the right to give final results. But base on Gov. Fayose and some other people claim we are giving you the scatty results below.

Efon LGA
PDP 5699
APC 3,103

APC: 7433 PDP 12,479

Moba LGA
Presidential result
APC 7492 PDP 8687 ACPN 22 AD 26 ADC 19

Presidential Result: APC 8574 PDP 11,262

Ikere LGA
Presidential Result APC 7,990 PDP 14,091

Ileje Meje LGA
PDP 3799
APC 3000

APC 7,970 PDP 11,395

Emure LGA
APC 5,353 PDP 6,822

Ekiti West LGA, Ekiti
APC 8001 PDP 10,003

Ado Ekiti
APC 14,414 PDP 25,411

Ekiti South West LGA
APC 7195
PDP 10,220

Ise Orun Local Government APC 5,675 PDP 9,158

Ikole LGA, Ekiti APC 10,026 PDP 13,306

Gboyin LGA APC: 6,334 PDP: 8,792

Ekiti is still awaiting the results from Ekiti East LGA and Ijero LGA. Presiding officers are yet to arrive. But PDP has won 14 out 14 announced LGAs so far.


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