As You Are Casting Your Vote Tomorrow Please Read This

There was heavy bank robbery in Owo, Ondo state yesterday where so many people lost their lives including a bank manager. Is that not a great lost to our great nation? "I am not blaming current government for robbery, don't get me wrong" but if there is a job or educational loan, those robbers could be entrepreneurs, educational professionals or anything they wanted to be.
If new sect of terrorists should burst into South/West or Nigeria today, we are going to lost so many lives because our dear Nation security is at negligent, we kept risking our lives everyday.

(For almost one year now, my humble self, my street neighbors and my friends in other side of the state had been robbed in our own house and nothing happened till today, I even had to pay before I can make a police report at a Police State in Osogbo. What about accidents on our roads ? No, free healthcare for Nigerians, only if you want to die you will want to remain at government hospital after a fatal accident (If doctors are not on strike, the non-medical staffs would be on strike). Citizens are forced to make use of private hospitals to take care of their selves. The say "You Are On Your Own" is not what is happening in other civilized countries. Government take their citizens more important than their pockets and personal interests. Those APC leaders are not holy but we have %90 assurance that something will definitely change if a new government emerge.

I hope voters will use their right to change this government and lets see if the new government will take our SECURITY as their obligation, if they are not competent or failed us, we have another four years, we can vote them(APC) out of the government.

The question now is what is happening in our country ? We are living in fear when we suppose to have full confidence in our country and security personnel.

#MacAfeez  say #YourVoteIsYourPower #VoteNotFight


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