Video; Confession Of a 19yr Old Sex Slave Girl,Olosho Package!

Adejoke, a Lagos indigence, explained that an impoverished background led her to survive by hawking water as a young girl before she becoming an apprentice hair stylist. “When I lost my dad, his family claimed my mum was responsible for his death,” the 21 year old tearfully said, sharing her experiences at a popular church in Lagos. “They left us with her and ever since then, she has been the one catering for us.”

Aged 19, a middle-aged lady walked into the shop where she was styling and approached her with an unusual proposal. “She came to me and said there was a country she was staying in and if she took me to that country, I would make money and would be able to cater for my family.” “My happiness knew no bounds,” she recalled, her judgement veiled by the blind promise of greener pastures. “I said, ‘Finally, an angel has come’. Unknown to me, she was a devil in human’s clothing.



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