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Story begins

My name is emilo and i am an instrumentalist. Yes, i play the drum set and its pretty cool is you call me the drummer boy as that is the tag used in referring to people that plays the drum set. i stay with my uncle who is married and has a kid. For a while i stopped drumming because i had to go to school and after i finished with my nysc, i just decided to pick up my old passion also couple with the fact that i have not gotten a job so i needed my skills to make ends meal. i have my own church but they don't pay instrumentalist as they believe you are offering your services to God and that only him will reward you bountifully. Since the normally starts their major activities by 12noon, i looked for a church that i could play for and make money from them and for a while none seems to be coming forth. I was down casted as i need money badly. While playing for my local church, my lead guitarist invited me to the birthday party of a pastor in a church and i went there and played. After the show they were please with me.
CM: brother we loved the way you play
Me: thank you sir.
Cm: well am the choir master (CM)
Me: its a pleasure meeting you sir.
Cm: so which church do you play for?
Me: none at the moment except for my local church.
Cm: that's nice. So brother, we are looking for a drummer and i don't know if you will like to play for us
Me: it would be a honour sir.
Cm: that's nice. When you come on sunday, the church administration will include you in their payroll
Me: *i got so excited at the sound of money* thank you sir.
Cm: please and come this sunday. Meanwhile take this for your transport.
Me: collecting the money from him. Thank you sir. i will be here on sunday.
Cm: the service starts by 8am please be punctual.
Me:*opening my teeth like somebody that used omo to brush lol* no problem sir.
Cm: ok take care.

And he left. i immediately opened my and a saw two piece of 1000 naira notes, then i started smiling uncontrollably. Then my lead guitarist walked up to me.
LG: ome how fa, them see you
Me: omo yes o. This church make sense ooooo
LG: shebi i tell you. So wetin them tell you nau?
Me: the man say make i come dey play for their church º°˚˚°
LG: omo them dey pay wella for here. Them fit give you reach 20k self.
Me*feeling so happy* guy u sure
LG: yes º°˚˚°. Also plenty babes dey the church º°˚˚°
Me:* at the mention of babes, i had some jerk on my jean* me self dey suspect, you self no see the settings? Omo this church get money o
LG: yes my guy. Na here i dey make small change o, also i just dey take eyes dey shadow one babe for here.
Me: badt guy. Me na chineke boy. i no get time for that jor. We gisted for a while and we went home. Feeling so happy with myself, i couldn't wait for sunday to come. i couldn't wait to see the full settings of the church, i could wait to see the babes my lead guitarist had told me off, i couldn't wait to know how much the church will pay me. Hmmm well i have no option but to wait till sunday and see what happens.
On sunday i woke up very early as i could not curtail the excitement within me, i prepared and left for my new adopted church as early as 7.30 i was there, we did some sound check and i was good to go. The church is a well constructed church with fine interior, its consist of several A/C's, tiled floor, beautiful alter with a projector, executive chairs, nice instruments and good sense of decoration. The choir section was arranged in a way that the singers and instruments face the congregation, so as a drummer, you have eyes fixed on you vice versa. The service commenced and i mounted the drum set. Feeling a little bit shaky and shy, i played to every music that came out of the lead singer's mouth.

While at the drum stand, i could see eyes fixed on me, men, women, boys and girls i couldn't look at the congregation because i was too shy. Also from the settings, its shows that many of the members of the church belongs to the middle class or upper class, as almost all songs were projected and their dancing pattern was that of a zombie. Moving slowly to the rhythm of the song (not like a poor man's church that dances with all vains and sweat running out of his body lol) the inside was so cold cos of the presence of the A/C and at that period i do not need a prophet to tell me that, this people receives God's visitations every sunday. i do not need a prophet to tell me that God has made this place his dwelling not like some local churches that will use foul odour to chase out the presence of God.

After the service, i was placed on a pay roll of 20k just to play for 2days a week (wednesday and sunday) omo money sweet o. While standing outside, i could not help but fixed my eyes on the beautiful damsels that were coming out from the church auditorium. Chei. i said within me, while i got some erections.
Me: omo this church badt ooooo
LG: shebi i tell you. Omo ukwu plenty for here
Me: guy you think say me i go fit cope for here so?
LG: guy play your games right. Me i just Bleep one yesterday and another one dey online self now.
Me: see this badt niqqa. So u mean say u don samma one racket for here, i asked
LG: yes my guy. You know as he dey go nau.
Well na so sha. Somehow, i knew that women have soft spot for instrumentalist, as in my local church i have dated three and still counting. *as the story progresses, you will know about them*


After some months of playing in my adopted church, i started gaining little popularity and confidence also i became familiar with the rest of the choir members and i notice some ladies have taken particular interest in me. Among them was a lady called joy, but me no fancy the joy because she was not so beautiful or maybe because there are other beautiful ladies that i didn't take notice of her beauty. Who knows. One sunday, after worship, the lead singer entered into praise songs, and we started playing rhythms to her songs while playing, i used my eyes to scout round and i could notice that whenever i look towards joy's directions, her eyes was on me and immediately stopped looking at her direction.

After 10 minutes of singing, i looked at the congregation and suddenly two sexy and lazy eye ball struck me like thunder, i saw those eyes fixed on me as if lucifar had sent her that particular day to tempt me. Even if its amadioha that sent her, she should take me along because her mission was over successful. While looking at those eyes, sometimes i skip beats that my fellow instrumentalist will call me to other. i could notice some smiles on the lips on my LG, as he would have read my mind to know what was going on. Sharp sharp, i increase my stunts on the drum, i became so vibrant and energetic, i rolled on my tom toms and danced while i play. Sometimes, i even try to imitate professional drummer by standing up at intervals. Omo see wetin woman dey cause ooooo. Everybody became perplexed at my energy even the Cm, after the service i started planning out strategies on how to get her, omo this mission has to be successful. When we came outside, i noticed joy standing outside
Joy: bro emilo nice energy today. You are good at your drums *she flattered me*
Me: giggling thanks, so when will you lead us in song nau? i want to play for you
Joy: i will be leading next week sunday
Me: don't worry, i will over play for you, while we were still talking my LG walked up to us.
LG: hello joy, how was the service
Joy: fine oh. i have to go now my people are waiting for me. As she walked, i fixed her eyes on her Bottom, woah so this lady try for back woah. i said within me and i could notice my dick agreeing to what my mind just said
LG: badtest of all guys. See as you dey play today, omo yarn me, wetin happen abi you don see one omo for the holy ground lol
Me: guy, na one badt babe i see oh, the guy fine dyeeeeee,
LG: here na holy ground º°˚˚° lol, but babe yapa no dull yourself o
Me: you trust me, while talking the cm walked up to us, and we changed the topic. The lord's doing is shown in this church sir.
Cm: thank you for joining us. Manage this and buy some drinks, he hand the LG and I a thousand bucks and walked away.
Me: thank you sir. Have a lovely week sir.

Me and joy we became close friends and from her, i inquire about some members of the church, which she will answer me, i noticed those pair of eyes i saw some sunday's ago was not seen again and i inquired about her and i was informed that she had gone back to school. i asked after her name from joy but i got a shock response from her.
So you have started admiring a sister in this church abi? Joy said to me with angry look.
Me: no oh, its just that she looks like somebody i know.
Joy: hmmm? Bro emilo, i know you will like woman very much you teased me.
Me: na man i for like before? i said smiling.
Joy: ok but take it easy sha.
Me: am a good boy º°˚˚°. But you know say you no dey try? i said to her
Joy: how nau?
Me: you don't even want to give me your number, is that fair?
Joy: but you didn't asked nau? Forming butter
Me: ok am asking now.
Joy: *trying to form* why do even need my number self?
Me: *forming straight face* don't worry about the number again.
Joy: *laughing at me* see he is angry. So somebody can't even play with you again abi?
Me: the joke is expensive nau
Joy: its seems you will be one heck of an angry guy
Me: *laughing a little* nooo but i just don't like some replies. So will you give me the number now?
Joy: 0803*******
Me: let me flash you now, i flashed her and she then save my number after that we chatted for a while and we departed. Its was then i took notice of some physical appearance of joy. i then noticed that what she lost in height she gained in Bottom, she stands at 5ft3, ebony in complexion, nice sets of white teeth, nice Bottom and bosom to complement her height, a little bit chubby, nice dress sense and most importantly she had a lovely dimples that reveal her smiles and makes them sexy. Well initially i didn't notice all these qualities maybe it was because they were other chicks finer and hotter than her, or maybe because i was a new member. Which ever it was, joy to me is just one of the few cows that will be taken to abbatior to be slaughter by my great slaughter 'mr dick'.

At night i called her and i noticed that her voice sounds more sweet on the phone that real life. *well why won't she? When she is in choir* we talked for some minutes and i terminated the call. Then i noticed that she was on 2go. That was when i conversation really began. After some weeks i noticed i was beginning to like her and also i notice that she was beginning to like me also. Because after service sometimes we will sit and chat for a while before she will depart. And whenever she gets home, she will call to inform me that she has gotten home. Our call rate increased with time, sometimes we talk twice a day and chat frequently on 2go that sometimes our discussion will last till we have finished our credits late in the night. In the middle of our discussions i found out that she has just graduated and she awaits her service, also she was from a middle class family and she attended one of the states university. With time we graduated into making night calls and along the line we sang, laughed and joked about almost everything except for relationship issue. Joy was a pretty good singer and she was vast in many songs.

One night while making night call, i asked her to sing for me and she sang spanish guitar by toni braxto, i was so moved, then i had the courage to ask her some questions.
Me: i love that song so much
Joy: me too
Me: do you really mean the words u sang in those songs?
Joy: why did you ask?
Me: nothing. Its just that i would like to practice what you sang in the song
Joy: hmmmm, with who nau?
Me: with the singer off course. Lol
Joy: with toni braxton *she said forming ignorance* lol
Me: which toni? i me you
Joy: me? Ah i don't think it will be possible o.
Me: why? Haven't you dated a guy before? Or am i a monster?
Joy: its not like that. Its just that i don't want to rush into any relationship for now again.
Me: what happened?
Joy: i just want to take my time. She said with a faint voice. i just don't want to experience any heartbreak again.


Me: am sorry to hear about that. i am also suffering from the same thing and i think am more scared than you.
Joy: so tell me about it
i went on to narrate my first heart break to her and i could hear some silence from the other end of the phone.
Me: are you there?
Joy: yes am here
Me: so tell me about your heartbreak
Joy: i loved him so much, she said. But he felt i wasn't good for him, he cheats and calls me name, he insults my height like he didn't know i was short when he was chasing me. On three occasions, i have caught him with a different girl but what will i do, i have to move one. Life goes on.
Me: am sorry about your heartbreak but please give me the chance to take away those tears from your heart, allow me to mend the heart and fill the vacuum there. i promise i won't treat you bad, but love you and hold you in my hands like the spanish guitar.
Joy: giggling at the end. Are you sure, cos all guys are the same. They promise you heaven and earth but after they taste your honey pot, they take to their heels.
Me: *feeling surprised i then asked a childish question* have you had sex before
Joy: did i tell you i was a virgin? She answered me.
Me: sorry, its just one of my ways of asking silly question lol
Joy: so you know its silly eh.
Me: i know. So can i be the special one in your life?
Joy: hmmmm, i will think about it.
Me: *feeling happy cos i know the reply* ok dear take all your time and think about it. i will be right here waiting for you. We chatted for a while before we slept.

After three days joy told me that she likes me and that we could start something special. We increased the rate of our night call and sometimes we are disconnected by mtn because we would have exhausted the time. Joy was the first born of three children in her family, the remain two are in the university while her parents works with the lagos state ministry. So from monday to friday she was all alone at home. After sunday service we will wait and gist and continue on 2go. The attraction between me and joy grew day by day.
We can't sleep whenever we don't make night call, we sang songs to each others excitement and we grew fond of each other. But in church, we maintained little formal friendship although we talk after church service. We exchanged eye contact and smiles and whenever its was her turn to sing be it mid-week, sunday or any special program, i play for her with all joy and zeal. After some week of friendship, and chatting on the phone, i requested for a way in which both of us could see. We fixed a date and a night before the day, we and joy started chatting at night.
Me: baby i can't wait to come to your place tomorrow
Joy: *giggling* i can't wait to see you too
Me: am just imagining how sweet your lips will taste. i teased her
Joy: ah. Taste ke. Is it food?
Me: i bet you will be sweeter than food. Laughing
Joy: see this boy ooooo, so i am now edible shey?
Me: before nko. i can't wait to eat you tomorrow
Joy: better don't come if you will eat me. Or are you Clifford Orji? laughing
Me: *laughing* you have a good sense of humour i said to her. Later we settled into more romantic mood and we talked till mtn wiped out my 200naira. Well it was worth it.

The next day by 6.30am i was up already even though i slept around after 5. Well what could Kitty-Cat not do? i took my bath and looked for something while i await joy's call. By 8.30 she called me that i should start coming. i dashed out and headed for joy's street. On my way i noticed that i was not having any covering, so i had to purchase one then i went into a shop to get me.
Me: madam give me one condom.
Woman: ok sir. Please sir, are you married she asked me?
Me: *perplexed at her question* no i said feeling shy
Woman: sorry we only sell condom to married people.
Me: ok. Thank you then i walked out, i got to a street near her street and luckily for me i saw a chemist shop. i walked into the place and asked for ruff rider. The silly man actually sold dr jones cd for me at the rate of 250 naira. Well at all at all na him bad pass i said within myself. Then trek to her street. When i got to her street i called her that i was closed by. Finally i got to her door step and knock and what i saw shook me.
Joy opened her door and my eyes went straight to her Tips because she was putting on a sἐxy short gown and from the look of things, i guess there was no bra underneath the bosom. She flashed me a smile and a light kiss and said come in. While i walked, i tried to control my standing joystick, because its has become so hard that i could actually use it to discipline a stubborn student. Yes! i was actually going to use it to discipline stubborn joy. i was going to use it to flog the hell out off joy's Bottom today. She went inside the kitchen and brought out rice, plantain and chicken after we finished eating, she cleared the plate and turned on a movie which we both settled down to watch.

While watching the movie, i couldn't concentrate, my mind was on joy, i started fantasizing on how i was going to bleep the hell out of joy's Kitty-Cat next thing i heard was her giggling are you not enjoying the movie? She asked
Me: am really enjoying the movie.
Joy: its a lie, i know you are not enjoying the film because i have been observing you since
Me: truly i am enjoying the film, then i drew closer to her and placed my right hand over her shoulder. Serious current ran through my body as i felt joy's tender skin. Her skin was so smooth that i almost lost control. We both continued with the movie. 20minutes into the movie actually looked like 20days to me, i was actually bored because all i wanted was joy's waist and not this damn silly film. Quickly one idea came into my head and i decided to try out the tactics.
Me: i wish i could hold you in my hands like the spanish guitar: i sang into joys ear, i noticed some calm movement in her after singing the song, i drew my lips closer to joy's face and kissed her she didn't resist my kiss, then i continued kissing her we both started kissing and somehow i lost control as i was about to dip my hands in her gown joy immediately said stop. Please i don't want us to start what we can't finish. Beside, i am on my period. Omo see gobe and bros don charge up what am i going to do now?


period ke! i said in my mind, after i had been fired up eh! Its better to start and then not finish, than not starting at all. The electricity current that was currently in my body would be able to supply nigeria, niger and ghana light for 3years uninterrupted with even the help of kanji dam. What was happening to me was more than spiritual konji as my soldier kept on giving me a standing ovation. What was i going to do? i said within my mind, though i have been in this similar situation before, and i definitely knew it was a tactics she was using to deprive me of eating from her honey pot. i must not give up on this prize i contemplated within me. If na to bang her walls with the flow so be it. i must not go home with the enormous current flowing in my body, otherwise people will display the obituary of a young man who died of KONJI. While thinking, the devilish mind in me encourage me not to give up but press further that she needs the bleep more than i need it. The angel mind kept preaching of God's love me and he hates sins. Wetin concern me concern sin for this matter, i dey talk say i don fire up, you dey tell me sin as i shouted on the angel mind within me. Trust me my peopl, i had to go with the best adviser which was that of the have s*x. i quickly changed my tactics too. *after all there are many ways to kill a Kitty-Cat cat*

Immediately i stopped kissing and told her to let's continue watching the movie. While watching the movie, i pretended to be engulfed in the film faking laugh at interval while looking out for body movement and detail. *the devilish mind within me appeared again and started reasoning with me.
Mind: guy! Brace up bro, you no see this babe flesh laps?
Me: *taking a look at her laps, i dick gain more Attention, while i swallowed my saliva* i then looked at her ebony laps. Brother i see the laps oo
Mind: so you wan tell me say, you go free the kitty cat eh?
Me: no oh, god forbid
Mind: yes that na my guy. Guy you too imagine am
Me: wetin
Mind: if to say this babe truly dey her period, shey you no think say na jeans or long skirt she go wear?
Me: yes º°˚˚° guy, you make sense.
Mind: reason am nau, the babe i sure now say she don wet, watch out she go do something now. *immediately, joy placed her head on my shoulder while i crossed my hand over her shoulder* wetin i tell you? See as she even cross her legs, this one show say she don dye for body.
Me: you be correct guy. i then noticed sudden weakness on joys body, she was no longer interested in the film, she was faking sleep.
Mind: guy over to you º°˚˚° me i don leave you make you enjoy your gift o. Then the thought went off.

i then used my two finger to send signals on joy's body as i move my hands back and front, i noticed there was a little vibrating movement on her part. Mehn, this is it. This is the time to take the prey down, i said within myself. Slowly i then adjusted myself and placed my lips on joy's lips. Her eyes were closed and this time her lips taste so sweet, a little bit salty but a pleasant one. i took some second to savour the taste of her lips then i continue. We both locked our tongues in deep kiss and i could feel our hearts pounding faster. Oh my! Joy was such a good kisser and i held her mouth in my for like 7minutes while i used my hands to run on her skin, and her hair. i noticed that she felt more sensation on her hair than her skin, and i guess that was one of her weak spot. i kept on running my left hands on her hair while my right hand reached for her blouse. This time there was no resistance, as i deep my hands underneath her blouse, i then noticed she wasn't putting on bra. *yeah i guessed well. My felt she must have quickly rushed her bath when i called her that i was almost in her street. Who cares bra or no bra na kitty cat i want jor* i brought out a piece of one of the most nicest bosom i have seen and the Tip on the bosom complimented it and i immediately envied the husband and the child that will suck on that Tip. * woh that one na their business, but for now, the Tip is all mine and mine alone and i am not ready and willing to share with anyone* i gather some saliva in my mouth and place my mouth on her Tip, joy vibrated and let out a soft and s*xy moan of emiiii. She then adjusted to sleep position, from her adjusted i could see her panty, a pink g string pant. This got me wild and i became an uncontrollable young elephant on heat. As i suck on joy bosom she kept on moaning and whispered in my ear, emilo did you come with condom?
i nodded my head like an agama lizard to her question. i guess finally i have unlocked the gates and broken the brass of iron in which she used in locking her temple of worship. Oh how sweet its sounds to be give a first class ticket to the land of jerusalem where uncontrollable pleasures awaits one. i settle down to suck on her dark Tips while she moaned and vibrated to my suck. Oh emilo you are killing me she said. Pleaseee, suck me hard she begged and i increased the velocity of my suck while i still used my left hands to rough her hair. She then opened her legs wide and used her hands to rub at my back. While she moaned to the pleasures i was giving her. Somehow the chair became too small and uncomfortable for us, then we rolled ourselves on the floor. Then she was uptop of me. She took the cow girl style and immediately off her cloth. The sight of bossom that befell me was an awesome sight, that i didn't even knew when i scream woahhhhh, you are really blessed and favoured by the creator. She became a little bit shy and cover her face. i smiled and teased her. *shy shy baby* i said to her. Leave me jor she reply. i quickly took of my top adjusted her a little and took off my trouser else she changes her mind. Joy felt the hardness of my joystick and flash me a childish smile and said.
Joy: what. Is this
Me: this is the rod of moses, i will use to discipline you today.
Joy: hmmm, no come..... Before she could continue her statement, i descended on her bosom and started sucking like a baby that has been denied bosom milk for someday.

Oh baby, ah emilo, i could feel her wetness even from her g string cos little dropped on my brief, joy moaned to the sweetness of my hearing as she used her Bottom to rotate my d*ck allowing my dick to feel her femalecore while still putting on her panties. i sucked for like. 6minutes while i used joy to roll her waist in a systematic rhythm on my d*ck. i then turned her to lye on the rug with her back while i used my right hand to locate her Kitty-Cat. Her walls were so wet and from the way she vibrated, i guess she has been starved off s*x. Oh baby you are tempting me so much she moaned to my hearing. As i used my hand to shift her panties one side while i ran my middle finger on the walls of her Kitty-Cat. Gosh! She was so wet that she had soaked her panties. *that girl has so much moist on her walls* i then dipped my middle finger into her Kitty-Cat and she increase her moaning
Oh emilo, ha baby, ohh gosh. YeahhhHh, i continued to finger her slowly then i release my head from her bosom and brought it down to her Kitty-Cat region. As i was about to give her head, she stopped me and said not now please. Later when am clean enough you will do that. i continued to finger her as she moan uncontrollable oh emiloooooo. i told you before ooohhh.. Now am bleeping high she said. Bleep me now she demanded, please Bleep me she begged like a little girl that her candy has been collected from her. She then reached for her pants and pulled its off and spread her legs as wide as she could. i took a good look at her Kitty-Cat, and i could see her long femalecore, her Kitty-Cat was well shaved and her laps were full of meat.

i then took out a condom from my wallet pulled off my brief and wore the condom then i settled down to a more comfortable position and inserted my long erected d*ck into joy's Kitty-Cat. She let out a soft and pleasurable moan. i push in as deep as i could for her walls to digest and ingest what i have got to offer, and yeah her Kitty-Cat didn't disappoint as its swallowed my dark anaconda. i thrust in and out slowly then gradually i increased the pace of my thrusting as she moan and vibrated to every bit of my thrusting. Oh baby she said Bleep me hard, then i increased my speed after about 2minutes, i stopped thrusting, i guess i must cum.
Joy: what happened she asked me? Have you cum
Me: yes i said closing my eyes
Joy: *with a look of disappointment she pushed me out* i hope this is not your best?
Me: no º°˚˚°. i guess i was carried away.
Joy: i hope so.
We laid down for some minutes and before we knew, nepa struck, the atmosphere became so hot and after about twenty minutes we could see sweat dripping down on my body. By then, i have started gaining momentum down below and i knew that this time around joy was actually going to be me. Then she stood up and went straight to the bath room using her gown to cover her unclothedness. Immediately i got up and followed her with my erected d*ck.
As we entered the bathroom, a lot of thoughts kept running through my head, i knew i could undo my wrongs, i also knew i could make joy get to cloud 9 but i guess anxiety has gotten the better of me in the first round or maybe its was because of her sweet Kitty-Cat? Then she turned on the shower as we took our bath together, i teased her.
Me: so you don win me for first round abi,
Joy: comot jor, you this lazy boy
Me: *a mixed reaction filled my heart* me lazy boy, am going to make you beg me in this second round i said to her.
Joy: you have started making mouth again abi? When its time for action now you will get tired.
Me: let's watch and see.
Then i collected the sponge from her and helped her to wash her soft body, her body felt so soft on cold water that my d*ck felt like cutting off due to the overflow of blood at that region. i concentrated on her bosom while i stood behind her to allow my dick press to her Bottom. i lower myself a little to allow her Bottom feel the hardness of my dick. i kept on squeezing and washing her bosom while i kissed her at the side of her ear. Joy let out a soft moan and lowered her hands to feel my dick. She grab my dick and held it, like she was self-servicing with it. Knowing that i am all fired up cos i can't wait to get my tongue in her female hole, i told her let quickly take our, we separated from each other and immediately rush our bath, i then whispered into her ear.
Me: baby i want to eat ur Kitty-Cat. * she giggled and said ok, also i want to suck ur dick too.* wash it very well, i teased her. Wash your too. We both wash our organs and then hugged ourselves to allow the water wash away our soapy body. While the shower was busy doing justice to our body, i fumbled with her Bottom and squeeze then as hard as i could while she used her hands to wash away the soap on our body. i knew we both were fired up, i knew we can't wait to tear each other apart cos her legs started shaking and she increased the speed of the water.

Immediately the soaps were off from our body, we dash out and quickly cleaned our body and rushed at each other, tearing each other apart. She then lead me to her bedroom and a giant size mouka foam awaits us. We kissed passionately like our lives depended on it running our hands all over our Unclad body. i reached for her bosom still standing and sucked on then while she placed her hands on my dick holding it as hard as she can. i sucked her bosom while i used my left hand to fumble with her Bottom sometime dipping my hands inside the line area to feel the freshness of her Bottom. She moan with pleasure, then i parted her legs lifting one on the bed and allowing her to stand on one. i then lower my self on my knees and sucked on her clit. A loud moan came out from her mouth as her legs vibrated to my sucks. i knew i have gotten her were i want to cos i want to make her legs weak first before proceeding to make her comfortable.

As i sucked and licked her clits, joy moaned and vibrated to the rhythms of my suck then she used one hand to hold the wall as support and used one hands to press my head further into her female region. Oohhh baby! She moaned. Oooohhh yes! This is it! You are getting it! Where have you been since! Oooohhh baby! She kept on saying as i sucked as hard as i could for about 8minutes. Baby! My legs are shaking pls! She said. i can't stand it any more! i ignored her pleas as i could feel her body trembling and vibrating. This time she had placed her two hands on my heads as she kept alternating between the wall and my head. Her hands became so strong on my head and she moved her body back and front and also wine her clits to make me get a good position. She moaned as loud as she could. Her wetness increased and the sweet scent of her Kitty-Cat drove me wide. My heated stallion mood was immediately activate and i knew this was one mission that only win is the option and i was destined to win this mission.

i quickly supported my tongue by inserting my middle finger, *although the position was now becoming uncomfortable for me due to height difference, omo i no send o* i manipulated her and licked her clit simultaneously. Ooohh baby you are good! She said pressing her both hands on my head, she stood on her toe as her body was now getting strive and hard. She increased the face of her Kitty-Cat, baby am cuming! She kept saying. harder, am cuming, don't stop pls. i love you baby! Ooohhh! Aaaaahhh! i will always hold u in my hand! Where have you been since! Ooohhh! Hhhhmmmm! Am cummmmiiiiinnnn! And then she came. Then she flashed me a smile, lifted me up and said! Baby you are wonderful then she kissed me.

Mission one accomplished. Then she said now its my turn and she pushed me on the bed. i laid down facing up while my erected joystick pointed at the heaven, she then squat on gently placed her mouth on my dick. Oh i moaned. She removed her mouth and asked me. Do you like it. Oh yes baby i replied. Then she continued sucking me, i moaned to her suck she sucked on my dick like a professional, as she sucked she removed my dick and begged me to cum in her mouth. i said ok. But i will have to ram her kitty cat then when i want to cum, i will remove it and cum in her mouth. She laughed. Immediately i located my phone and played some collecting of blues on my phone. i inserted my cd and placed joy on her fours the view i saw from behind hardened my already hardened d*ck again. Gently i then inserted my d*ck inside her. With the joy of little pain and pleasure she let out a romantic moan.



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