Must Read: My Jogging Partner… Part 4


A story written by a talented writer Metalgear…..
“That was incredible,” she said softly. Then she seemed to realize
that we were at work and sitting in a courtyard visible to anyone in
the kitchen. “Did anyone see us?” she asked, clearly alarmed.
I quickly glanced back behind her and then relaxed. The kitchen
was still empty. “Nobody in the kitchen.” I replied with a sigh of
relief and then grinned at her. “You like to live dangerously, don’t
She blushed and grinned back at me sheepishly. “I’m not usually
like this,” she said. “I swear!”
She released her grip on my now flaccid member and carefully
drew her hand out from under the table. Her hand was covered
with come. She was holding it out in front of her not knowing quite
what to do about it so I handed her the napkin I had packed along
with my sandwich. “I am going to have quite a wet spot on my
shorts,” I said with a grin. “I will have to make a dash for the
men’s room and hope no one notices.”
She laughed and wiped her hands. I took the napkin when she was
done and used it to wipe my knee. She stood up from the bench
and straightened her skirt.
“You think we could have dinner together tonight?” I asked.
“I think this meeting might go late,” she said with a frown. “I have
to work on something for another client tonight and then meet with
them all day tomorrow. Do you think you could take a long lunch
on Thursday? Maybe we could run the whole loop and take our
I tried to hide my disappointment. “OK,” I replied with a half-
hearted attempt at being cheery. “Thursday it is.” I glanced at my
watch. “You had better get ready for your meeting. I’ll clean up
here.” I could not help but grin at the thought of cleaning up globs
of seminal fluids there in the courtyard.
She smiled and backed away, her hands flattening out the wrinkles
down the front of her skirt. “I think I need to go adjust my
panties,” she said with a giggle. “They are hanging half way down
my bottom. I am looking forward to Thursday.” She waved and
turned back into the building.
I managed to clean up there in the courtyard without interruption. I
tried to pull my shirt down to hide the wet spots on my shorts to
no avail. Nobody was in the kitchen and the kitchen was right by
the men’s room. I decided to make a dash for it. I made it into the
stall with my cloths without anyone noticing. As I grabbed my
clothes and walked into the shower room, I dreamed about running
next Thursday with Lucy.


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