A Girl Called Damilola

A Story By Metalgar

I could feel myself getting ready to c?m again.
I placed my hand
on top of hers and helped her rub her own p?
ssy. She threw her
head back, biting her lower lip. She looked so
good right now.
She began playing with her floppy br?asts with
her free hand,
while furiously massaging her p?ssy with the
other. Her soft
moans turned to screams as she began to
come again, and it
sent me over the edge…I f?cked her harder
and faster, and at the
last second withdrew my c?ck from her
wetness, just in time to
send the first stream of my hot ssplooge
shooting across her
She grabbed my c?ck and jerked me off, my
splooge flying all
over the place. She milked every ounce of salty
goo out of me
and then rubbed the head of my c?ck into her
pubes. I sat back
exhausted and watched as she gathered my c?
m with her fingers
on her stomach. She played with it, and even
brought some to
her mouth to taste it. She looked up at me and
smiled, her
stomach covered with c?m, both of us
sweating from the
intensity of our mating.
It wasn’t until now that we heard a car door
slam on the other
side of the house. Faster than I ever thought
possible I had my
shorts and shirt back on. Dammy was having a
harder time. She
found her shorts but not her panties. She
quickly jumped into her
shorts, and then threw on her t-shirt. But my
sticky c?m was still
on her belly and the wet spots were visible
under her t-shirt. At
almost the last second I kicked
her bra underneath the bench. Suddenly her
mom came around
the corner of the house carrying a bag of
“Well, it looks like you kids got alot of work
done today.” she
said smiling.
Dammy was frozen, staring at her panties
which were on the
other side of the bench. “We decided to take a
break, to get our
heads clear.” I responded, trying to divert her
mother’s attention.
“Well you might as well stay for supper…you
guys get started
while I go have a shower.”, she said as she
went back into the
Dammy immediately dove for the panties and
tucked them into
her pocket. The whole front of her white shirt
was stained with
my c?m. “I think I should go get cleaned up a
little too”, she said
with a sigh of relief.
“Yeah…I think I’ll just take off too.”
We embraced each other and kissed softly, and
then she ran into
the house. I got the charcoal stove going and
was ready to leave
when I remembered something. I reached
underneath the bench
and got her bra. 36DD. Wow, I never thought
they would have
been that big. But it was still a nice memento I
thought to myself.
And I went home.
Dammy and I went out for the rest of our
secondary School, and I
didn’t care what anyone thought. Somehow
having someone
care about her made her more beautiful, and
she cared more
about her appearance. We did have some more
wild sex, but I’ll
never forget the first time we did it on that


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