A Girl Called Damilola

A story written by Metalgear…….

When I was a young man of 13 years my
favorite uncle took it
upon himself to give me some free advice that
I have never
“Deji”, he said, “Don’t make the same mistake I
did. When I was
young like you I was too fussy about women,
so I didn’t get to
f@ck as often as I would have liked. Don’t be
ashamed to have
s?x with uglier women, don’t be ashamed if
she’s a little heavy.
As long as she isn’t filthy and dirty, then go
ahead and f?ck her,
regardless of what your friends think. I regret
being so picky, and
now I’m too old to do anything about it!!”
Now granted he was pretty full of beer at the
time as it was
always at one joint he always tells me to escort
him to with the
promise of one big plate of isi-ewu and malt to
wash it down
with, I always endured his drunken rants and
stories. Don’t get
me wrong, I really looked up to him and took
what he said to
heart, especially in the ladies department.
Fast forward a couple of years to my senior
year in secondary
school. I was a popular guy, and did okay with
the ladies. Our
Chemistry class was divided into different
study groups of four
students each, and just my luck, Damilola was
in my group.
Dammy wasn’t very pretty. In fact, she was
very plain. Her
parents were quite poor so she didn’t dress
very well, her dirty
plaited hair was shaggy. She didn’t seem to
have much of a
personality either, but years of torment and
teasing from her
fellow classmates probably had alot to do with
her sour
demeanor. Her only redeeming qualities were
that she had a
pretty good body, but no guy in my class
would ever admit that
to another, and she had fantastic lips. Full,
red, and pouty. But
still….she was just plain Dammy.
Plain, ugly Dammy.
It happens that we had a project to do, and it
was decided we
should get together on the weekend to decide
what we were
gonna do. Dammy offered to have it at her
place since it was
more or less central to where the rest of us
lived. We agreed to
meet there on Saturday afternoon. The two
other guys in my
group confided to me that there was no way
they were REALLY
gonna go to her house, and suggested that I
should ditch
too…but grades were too important to me,
and I really didn’t
want to hurt her feelings
The okadaman dropped me in front of an old
house. It was the
first time I’d ever seen it, and it was a good
thing it was hidden.
It was old looking, beat up with windows
barely hanging on. The
paint was peeling off..one window was covered
with see thru
plastic, another one just with a garbage bag. As
I walked up to
knock on the door, I met Dammy’s mother
who was just stepping
out. She was very pleasant and seemed happy
that her daughter
had a friend. She told me Dammy was inside
and that she would
be away for the afternoon.
Just as she was getting into her old car she
hollered to me
jokingly, “Now you kids behave yourselves
while I’m gone !!”…I
laughed and said not to worry…but inside I
thinking…”yeah..I don’t think you have much
to worry about !!!”
I walked inside and found Dammy at the dining
table with her
books out. The inside of the house was a stark
contrast to the
outside. While the furnishings weren’t
expensive or fashionable,
they were nice and made the place feel very
homey. But it didn’t
take long for my eyes to divert back to her.
She stood up and
offered me a hug, which I accepted. As she
went to the fridge to
get me the bottle of Pepsi she had offered to
get for me I could
barely take my eyes off her.
She was wearing a pair of tight cut-off jean
shorts, and a white t-
shirt, just as snug. I never realized how large
her b??bs were,
but I sure noticed how they bounced as she
strode across the
living room.
She opened the fridge and bent over to get the
Pepsi from the
bottom shelf, and my eyes must have bulged
out of my head
when I noticed the bottom of her ?ss cheeks
sticking out ever so
slightly from her shorts. Suddenly, as if in a
dream, my uncle’s
words came flooding back to me. I
was getting excited by this girl !! She asked me
to sit down, her
voice snapping me out of my trance. God, she
was so homely, so
plain…I thought of how it would be to bang
her and I couldn’t get
my mind off of it. But we had to hit the books,
and for a while I
managed to concentrate on the task at hand.
After a few hours we managed to get alot
accomplished so we
decided to take a break. She refreshed my
Pepsi and invited me
to the backyard of the house. We sat on a
bench and talked small
talk, and I realized that Dammy was actually a
nice girl. No one
really ever took the time to get to know her.
By now it was about
5pm, but the sun on the back porch was hot.
Dammy’s skin was
glistening in the heat, and her top was sticking
to her body. Her
full br?asts were teasing me, and I began to
get excited. She was
talking away…I could hear her but I wasn’t
listening. We were
sitting sideways on the bench now, facing each
other. My eyes
darting from her eyes to her br?asts, to her
crotch, and back
again. I couldn’t concentrate, and I think she
noticed, but she
never let on that she did.


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