A Girl Called Damilola Episode 2

A Story By Metalgar

To this day I can’t tell you what we talked
about on that bench,
but we began to sit closer together, her leg
touching mine. The
sight of her sweat-soaked shirt sticking to her
body, the outlines
of the bra she wore so evident, her b??bs so
prominent, standing
like an offering to be taken on top of her chest
made my c?ck
begin to tingle and grow. I was hard. I was
harder than I had ever
been in my life. My c?ck was straining to get
out of my shorts,
and I knew how visible it was.
Dammy placed her hand on my leg and leaned
towards me,
seemingly unsure of herself. I closed my eyes
and kissed her. A
slow, soft kiss. She pulled back and looked at
me, but didn’t say
anything. Then she placed her hands behind
my head and came
to me again, and we kissed hard and
passionately. She began
rubbing my aching c?ck through my shorts,
and I moaned in
response. I slid my arm underneath the back
of her wet t-shirt
and rubbed her back. She lifted off my shirt,
and kissed my chest,
sucking on my n?pples before returning to my
mouth. I moved my
hand around to the front of her shirt and felt
her huge b??bs
through her bra. Then I went lower, massaging
her crotch. She
felt so hot between her legs, and even through
her tight jean
shorts I swear I could feel her wetness.
Suddenly she got down on her knees on the
floor as I sat on the
bench. She undid my shorts and slid them
down to my ankles,
my c?ck springing out and almost hitting her
in the face. She
took it in her hands and stroked it as she
buried her face into my
balls, tonguing me, licking me…then she slowly
dragged her
tongue up my shaft, looking into my eyes as
she did. I couldn’t
take my eyes off her. I could tell I was about
to get the best blow
of my life, and Dammy never looked better
than she did right now
with my c?ck in her warm hands. She let some
spit drop from her
gaping mouth onto my throbbing tool, and
used it to moisten my
shaft. She continued stroking me, working it
in, and then she
poised her lips at the top of my c?ck, teasing
the head. She
plunged down slowly and I savoured every
second. Inch by inch
she took me into her mouth, and I watched as
nearly my entire
seven inches disappeared. Then she pressed
her lips even
tighter around me as she slid back up my
shaft, her hand firmly
gripped around the base. She stroked me and
told me how
beautiful my c?ck was…she looked into my
eyes as she sucked
me like that some more.
She slapped my meat against her cheeks, and
then devoured me
again. She licked my shaft and massaged my
balls, telling me
she wanted me to c?m. I was getting pretty
close to that point,
but I desperately wanted this to last. Dammy
really knew how to
suck c?ck…who knew? She stopped for a
second and took her
shirt off. She had the biggest t?ts I had ever
seen except for in
dirty movies and such. She unsnapped her bra
and they spilled
out. Her n?pples were big and hard. Her
aureola were a deep
brown color. I sat up so I could touch them. I
squeezed them
together, played with her erect n?pples, and
begged for her to let
me kiss them. But she told me to sit back
again and I was in no
mood to argue.
I laid back and she brought her heavy br?asts
to my c?ck. She
picked them up with her hands and pulled
them apart, placing my
rigid c?ck between them, and then squeezing
them together. My
d?ck was still wet from her sucking, and so I
began to move my
hips, f?cking her t?ts. Then she released my c?
ck from her
br?ast’s pillowy grip and continued sucking
me. She only put
about two inches into her mouth, sucking the
head very hard, and
used her hand to jerk me off. I began to moan
as I could feel my
balls tighten. She moved her mouth to my
balls, sucking them
into her mouth as she stroked me quickly,
then suddenly she
began probing my ?ss with her finger. It sent
me over the edge. I
announced I was going to explode….She
immediately returned to
my c?ck, slamming her face into me harder
than ever, her hand
wrapped around the base making circular
jerking motions. I
yelled again that I was going to c?m, but she
didn’t relent. I
exploded with a vengeance, it felt like the
largest load I had ever
released, but she kept sucking me, jerking me.
Wave after wave
of c?m I spewed into her mouth, and finally I
could see a thick
gob of it running out of her mouth down my
shaft. It was too
much for her to swallow, but God love her,
she tried.
As my ?rgasm subsided she took her mouth off
my c?ck. I could
see the stringy goo gathered in her mouth,
sticking to her teeth.
She licked my tool clean, making sure to get
the stuff she didn’t
take in the first time. I felt as if I was in a
daze…I was sweating
terribly even though I barely moved from the
bench. She kissed
my c?ck and stroked it softly. She asked me if
I enjoyed that and
I said I did…and I mentally thanked my uncle
to myself.
Dammy sat on the bench again beside me and
we kissed. I could
taste my own salty goo mixed with her saliva. I
stood up and in
front of her, my half hard c?ck swinging. She
looked at me and
smiled, and said she wanted more of that. This
time I knelt down
on the patio, and unbuttoned her tight shorts.
She helped me
lower them off her wide hips, and I slid them
completely off
revealing a soaking wet pair of white panties
that did little to hide
the fat hairy p?ssy underneath. I rubbed my
hand over her
mound, and she moaned softly. I leaned
forward and kissed her
wet panties, she was so wet, I could taste her
sweet juices. I
pushed her panties to the side and slid a finger
deep inside her.
She gasped. I began tonguing her cl?t. As I
alternated quick, light
flicks of my tongue with slow, firm, dragging
movements I
inserted another finger into her hot damp
snatch. She was
moaning wildly, her hands placed firmly
around my head holding
it in place. I looked up at her, and Dammy
began to look beautiful
to me. I was seeing her in a totally different
light. Sure she was
not very pretty, but having my face buried
into her hot snatch
seemed to have a positive effect on her looks.
I pulled back
slightly and removed her panties. She was so
sopping wet that
her thick pubes were matted in her own juices.
I sucked each
little tuft of p?ssy-soaked pubic hair into my
mouth. I used two
fingers to open her Arrow, and slowly licked
inside, all around
her labia, sucking each one into my mouth
before licking some
more. I brought my other hand to my mouth
and licked it, and
used it to rub her swollen clitt. Dammy’s grip
around my head
tightened, “Eat my p?ssy !!”, she hollered and
pulled my face into
her hot crotch.
I buried myself into her, soaking my face with
her juices. I stuck
my tongue deep into her hole, probing around
inside her as my
fingers continued playing with her clitt. Then I
used my fingers to
Bleep her p?ssy as I dragged my tongue all
around her clitt,
occasionally sucking it into my mouth. She
began to buck her
hips a little so I increased my intensity. I could
feel her p?ssy
tightening on my fingers…I lapped on it
mercilessly. She began
to scream. I buried my face into her hot
snatch again, eager to
taste her juices. I continued rubbing her clitt
with my fingers, and
she placed her hand on top of mine to help.
“I’m c?mming !!, I’m
f?cking c?mming !!”, she screamed like one
pssessed, and I
could tell. She tasted so good right now, and I
continued to eat
her out, wave after wave of pleasure washing
all over her till she
was begging me to stop.
I stood up with my c?ck in my hand. Without
saying a word she
laid down on the bench, so I got on top of her
and slid my thick
tool into her easily. I f?cked her slowly,
looking into her eyes.
She wrapped her legs around me and stuck her
nails into my
@ss, pulling me into her. I continued to f?ck
her harder, and she
met each thrust with one of her own, almost
lifting herself off of
the bench. It wasn’t the most comfortable
places, but I wasn’t
complaining. She was so hot, so wet, I could
feel her juices
splash onto my balls as I began thrusting all of
my WMD into
her. Her eyes widened…”God you are so big !!”,
she moaned.
I got up onto my knees, placing one foot on
the patio, and taking
her legs in my hands. I rolled her @ss up
slightly, and placed her
legs on my shoulders. Now we could watch as
my rod speared
her c?nt. I took my tool out of her snatch and
rubbed it on her
clitt, then slid it back into her. I got a good
rhythm going now,
f?cking her slow and sure, gradually getting
harder and faster,
my sagging balls swaying back and forth
occasionally banging
against her soft @ss. Dammy began to rub her
clitt now, and it
really turned me on to see a girl touching
herself while having a
rod speared into her.


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