my jogging partner part 3

A story written by a talented writer Metalgear…..
I barely tasted my sandwich. I tried to figure out how she might be
feeling about our little adventure. Certainly we had a great time
running together. I felt like we really clicked. But, I was not sure if
she felt any regret about nearly getting caught giving a handj?b to
a person she just met. This was really crazy: wonderful, exciting,
extremely Intimate and crazy. Just thinking about it got me all
worked up again. I did not want to check, but I was pretty sure I
had a pre-come wet spot on my shorts.
I looked up startled when I heard someone come out the kitchen
door into the courtyard. It was Lucy. She was back in her white
blouse and black pleated skirt and looking a little flushed from the
sun and the exertion. She sat down on the picnic table bench next
to me with her back to the table. I looked at my watch and noticed
that she still had an hour before her meeting.
“You want to join me for lunch?” I asked, trying not to sound too
“I would, but I can’t,” she replied. “I need to prepare a little more
for my meeting and was planning to eat at my desk.” She paused
and looked at me. “I enjoyed our run together,” she said softly and
looked down at her hands.
There was a moist strand of hair lying across her cheek. I reached
up and gently brushed it aside and said, “You are the most
incredible woman I have ever met.”
I brought my face slowly closer to hers. She turned back towards
me and I kissed her softly on the lips. She returned the kiss, with a
touch of passion that surprised me. I had my right hand on the
bench between us to support me as I leaned closer to her. I ran my
left had down her sleek right arm in a gentle caress that brought
goose bumps to her skin. She suddenly broke the kiss and started
to rise. I thought she was getting up to leave, but instead she
swung one leg over the bench so she could face me.
Her back was to the kitchen door and window. She almost
whispered, “Is anyone in the kitchen?”
I quickly peeked around her to look through the clear glass kitchen
door and windows. “Nope,” I said.
She scooted forward on the bench bringing her crotch just inches
from my hand that was still positioned on the bench between us. I
saw a flash of white cotton panties beneath her pleated black skirt
just before she leaned forward and kissed me with surprising
passion. She had one leg under the table up against mine and the
other up against my butt. She reached under the table and groped
her hand over my shorts coming to rest on the prominent bulge. I
moved my hand from the bench to run the tips of my fingers slowly
along her inner thigh to the edge of her panties. The intensity of
our kissing increased.
Her hand found its way through the bottom of my pant leg and
under the lining until her fingers wrapped around the flesh of my
d?ck. She made a loose ring with her thumb and fingers and ran it
up and down the length of my shaft. I ran my tip of my thumb
lightly over her panties up and down along the crease produced
from her pouting lab?a. Her panties were sopping wet. I felt her
inch her crotch closer as she kissed me deeply and pulled my d?ck
out from my shorts. Her panties were very loose and granted easy
access as I slipped my hand in from the side. I felt a shudder run
through her body as my thumb worked its way into her very well
lubricated c?nt. She broke our kiss and let out a very low guttural
“Oohh” as I slowly removed my thumb and ran it over her
protruding cl?t. She started pumping me more rapidly now under
the table and I began moving my thumb in and out. If felt her
pressing her crotch against my hand, grinding her cl?t against the
top of my hand down towards the bench. She was sliding her hand
up and down my c?ck with regular fast strokes. I felt myself
quickly advancing towards a climax and whispered into her face,
“You are making me come.”
My announcement sent her over the edge. “Oh God,” she panted,
“oh God.” Her hand on my c?ck froze in a firm grip and she dug
her fingers into my shoulder with her other hand. She pressed her
cheek against mine and very slowly grinded her crotch into my
hand, forcing my thumb deeper inside. She drew in a great breath
and held it has a series of shudders racked her body. She let out
her breath in a gasp, shifted herself back drawing my thumb out to
some degree, and pressed her crotch against my hand again with
renewed force. Again she shuddered, this time opening her eyes
and looking directly into my face as she began pumping me again.
I could hold it no longer and shot my splooge several feet under
the table as ecstasy bolted through my body. I vaguely heard an
“ahh” escape my lips. She pumped as I came and wiggled her
p?ssy against my hand. I felt her muscles grip my thumb. Waves
of pleasure pulsed though me at each stroke and then diminished.
I slid my thumb out and ran it over her labia again still looking into
her face. She smiled at me and I kissed her lightly on the lips.


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