My Jogging Partner

A story written by a talented writer Metalgear…..
I like to go for a jog just before lunch to break up the day and
reduce the stress of my high-tech software development job. Over
the five or so years I have lived and worked in this area I have
found some good places to run and particularly like to jog along
the creeks that flow into the ocean. At 25, I have been running for
about 3 years now and am fairly fit. I am over six feet tall and have
developed a lean build.
During my first months on the job, I began a pattern of reading
some dense and horrifically boring design documentation in the
morning and sneaking out for a run at 11:30 AM or so. After the
run and lunch I spoke to the document author and asked any
questions I might have scribbled down. This company is fairly
small, but the leased facilities have a single-stall shower room for
employees. I have yet to see anyone use it other than me.
The other day, as I headed for the shower to change with my gym
bag in tow, I nearly ran into a young Asian-American woman as
she came from the small kitchen.
She saw the gym bag and asked, “You going for a run?”
“Yeah,” I said, a bit startled. “How’d you guess?”
“Actually,” she replied quickly, “I saw you trotting down the street
earlier this week.”
“That’s right,” I responded openly surprised, “You run?”
“Yeah, but usually before work,” she said. “I used to run at lunch
at my last company but people kept scheduling meetings through
lunch and I ended up being very inconsistent. I switched to the
morning because nobody wants me at 6:00 AM.” She grinned.
She stuck out her hand. “My name is Lucy. I am the legal
consultant here.”
“My name is Deji,” I shook her hand. “I’m a software developer.
You said you were a legal consultant?”
“That’s right,” she replied. “A lot of smaller companies don’t want
to pay a pricey law firm for some of the more routine things, so
they hire someone like me part-time. I make sure the license
agreements are OK and help draft some of the business
agreements. I like working on-site at the companies I represent
rather than in some stuffy legal office.”
“Huh,” I stammered, “I see.” I paused thinking of something to
say. “How often are you here?”
“All day Tuesdays and Thursdays,” she said. “At least right now. It
depends on how much work they need me to do.”
Today was Thursday and I wanted to get going, so I said, “Well, if
you want to change your routine, you are welcome to join me.”
“Maybe I will,” she said smiling. “It is much more fun running with
a partner. You usually go about this time?”
“So far,” I said smiling back. “I don’t know enough yet for people
to pull me into lunch-time meetings.”
“Great,” she said. “Maybe I’ll join you on Tuesday.”
“Great,” I said, starting to turn back towards the shower.
“Have a good run,” she waved.
“Thanks.” I replied, waving back.
My mind was racing as I ran along. Would she join me on
Tuesday? It did not sound very definite. She was very attractive. It
looked like she was of Japanese decent with long black hair, a
dark complexion, a petite figure and a very pretty face. She was
wearing a tight fitting yellow dress with a delicate flower print, the
hem a little above the knee. The dress was one of those that you
tied at the back to
pull the dress tight across the stomach and waist. It accented a
great body. A little bit tight over the bust as her jugs pushed
against the light fabric of the cloth. I could see the outlines of her
bra under her dress.
I started to worry that she might run at faster pace than I do. What
if I could not keep up? She seemed very athletic. Then I started to
think that she was probably not going to join me anyway. She was
so beautiful. It is not that I am total geek or anything, but I just
never had this happen before. Most of my previous relationships
were made through friends or soccer (I played on a league team on
Wednesday evenings). I am kind of shy and usually got to know a
lady over time. This was very sudden. It caught me off guard.
Well, she would probably not show any way.
These thoughts kept me distracted over next few days. I had a real
hard time figuring out what running cloths to wear on Tuesday
morning as I packed up my gym bag. Should I wear the longer
shorts or the running shorts with the slits up the sides that showed
off my long legs? I figured those were probably too much for the
first run. First run? Like we were going to have more than one?
Anyway, I settled for the longer (more conservative) shorts and
shirt I got at a trade show (bribed in cotton to sit through a demo).
I don’t think I remembered anything I read that morning. I kept
watching the time and listening for her voice (her cube was one
isle over and three down). I was staring at another design
document with my head propped up by my hands when a tap on
the cube frame startled me.
“Ready?” It was Lucy, still in her street cloths, a button down white
blouse with a black pleated skirt standing with her gym bag in
hand. The gentle swell of her cleavage was visible.
“Oh, Yeah,” I swallowed. “I’ll meet you out front after we change.”
“OK. Sounds good.”


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