My Jogging Partner… Part 2

A story written by a talented writer Metalgear…..
She headed off towards the ladies’ room and I grabbed my gym
bag and headed towards the men’s room. I quickly changed, left
my street cloths hanging on the hook behind the handicap stall
and headed out front. I didn’t see her out there, so I started some
stretches. After a short while, I saw her coming towards me. God
she was beautiful. She was wearing a pink sleeveless tank top
over a black athletic support top and black running shorts with
slits up the sides. She had her hair up in a pony tail. There was a
slight breeze that caught the flaps on her shorts and I caught a
peek at her nicely shaped legs as they joined her incredible
bottom, at least the part not hidden by the black lining beneath her
She waved as she approached and asked how things were going
so far on the job. As we stretched I related that I was trying to
catch up to the rest of the team reading design documents and had
not yet been given a ‘real’ assignment. She described the project
she was working on, but I was more interested in her beautiful
figure as she contorted herself in the typical runner stretches. As
soon as she seemed to come to the end of her routine, I stood up
and we both started off down the street towards the wetland
preserve at a moderate trot.
The day was nice and sunny. The running pace seemed to be
comfortable for both of us. We chatted back and forth about the
great weather. I liked the way her legs looked in those black
shorts, especially as we got further out and the breeze picked up.
She really did have a nice butt and I got a glimpse of a dimple on
her left cheek as wind caught her the flaps on her shorts.
“You mind if I take off my shirt?” I asked.
“Not at all,” see said casually.
I pulled my shirt over my head and caught her looking me over as
I rolled it up to carry along. I am not sure, but she seemed pleased
with what she saw.
“You mind if I take off mine?” she asked with a twinkle in her eye.
“Feel free to take off whatever you like.” I responded playfully.
She laughed as she and pulled her tank top over her head. Her
athletic support top accented her trim stomach and lithe shoulders
and arms. Her full and firm br?asts pushed against her top and i
could see where her n?pples pushed out the fabric ever so slightly.
Looking at her produced a stir in my loins.
Unfortunately, the jogging shorts I had picked out were rather old
and the lining was very loose. I could feel my c?ck working its way
out the side of the lining as it became partially erect. I hoped Lucy
did not notice. Embarrassed, I picked up my pace slightly and tried
to calm down.
Lucy caught up easily and asked me if I had a family. I told her
that my folks were still very much alive and living in Nigeria. I had
a brother living in the UK and a sister living in California. There
was a pause and when I looked over at her I caught her smiling at
“What?” I asked sheepishly.
“I meant, did you have a wife and kids?” She laughed. “I guess you
answered that question in a round about way.”
“Oh… Yeah… No. I mean I have never been married and have no
kids,” I stammered. “How about you?”
“I guess I have been focusing more my career than on men.” She
matter-of-factly. “Although, I must admit that I have been thinking
more about men lately. My last boyfriend took a job in LA after
being out of work for a while. We broke up when the distance thing
did not work out. That was several months ago.”
“By the way,” she asked after a short pause, “how far did you want
to run today? I have to meet with the marketing team at 2:00 PM.”
“Actually,” I said, “I usually turn back right around here. We are
about two miles out. I have been enjoying your company so much
I was not paying attention.”
She beamed me a smile and said, “Same here. But we should head
back if I am going to get some lunch before my meeting.”
We both did an about face and started back. I asked her about her
family and the places she had lived. Before I knew it, we were
approaching our building. I put my shirt back on as did she.
“You want to cool down in the shade of that tree there for a
minute?” she pointed at a large cottonwood tree off to the side of
the building. We walked over to the tree and she started to stretch
at the base of the tree. I followed suite. After a minute or so, she
sat down on the grass and I plopped down in front of her.
“Hey. Could you hold my feet while I do a couple of stomach
crunches?” she asked as she leaned back in the starting sit-up
“Sure,” I replied eagerly.
I got on my knees in front of her and put my hands on her feet.
She immediately started to do some half-sit-ups. I was having a
little trouble keeping her feet down, so I got a little more of my
weight on her feet using my shins to hold her feet and held on to
her calves instead. She did not seem to mind.
In that position I quickly realized that I could see right down her
shorts to her crotch through the inner lining. I could not help but
notice that she did not have any panties on under the lining and I
could see the darkness of her pubic hair through the semi-
transparent black mesh-like lining. I felt my c?ck swelling and
working its way out the edge of my lining again. I had a raging
erecti?n by the time she came to a stop on a count of 40.
“Your turn,” she said. I must have had a strange look on my face.
“You want me to hold you now?” she asked.
“Uh,” I stammered feeling very embarrassed. I did not want her to
see me sticking out like that. My bulge was hidden while I was in
my current position, but that would change if I laid on my back.
“Here. Go ahead,” she said as sat up and she gently pushed me
back. I was a little off balance and moved back with her slight
push. Uh oh, I thought. I laid back and felt my c?ck spring up
through my left pant leg. I saw her eye catch the movement, and
as if in slow motion, watched her mouth form an “oh” of surprise.
She must have sensed my embarrassment. Her expression
changed into one of playful amusement.
“Here, let me help you count,” she said and reached down and put
her finger very lightly on the underneath of my c?ck just below the
head and ran it along the bottom of the head. “That’s one,” she
said. “Come on, give me a crunch.”
Her touch was electrifying. It was more like a tickle than a caress.
I did a half-hearted crunch. “Oh, that just won’t do. Come on.
One,” she repeated and touched me again. This time, I did the
crunch with more enthusiasm.
“Much better,” she said with a wink. “Two.” This time she used
two fingers, running both along the base of my c?ck. My r?d
swelled in response. I did another crunch and received the reward
of a very nice caress along the full length of my shaft. “Three,”
she continued; now breathing through her mouth. I did another and
felt her give me a full-handed pump that sent a wave of pleasure
through my body. “Four, five, six,” she continued pumping, now
quite obviously flushed.
At that point, I heard a group of people come out the door just
around the corner. They were walking our way engaged in an
intense discussion. Linda looked up as well and quickly covered
me up by pulling my pant leg over my exposed member. I sat up
just before they rounded the corner and Linda scooted back and
sat cross-legged as the group came into view and recognized us.
Linda smiled and waved. I did not know everyone in the group but I
recognized to realize that this was the executive staff. They waved
and kept talking among themselves, engrossed in their
conversation. I waved awkwardly. The five of them walked over to
a nearby car and got in. As soon as the car door closed, both Lucy
and I burst into laughter.
“Ooh, that was close,” she said still laughing. We watched the car
pull out of the parking lot. I looked up at her and said, “I guess we
should head back in.” It was a little awkward as we walked back
into the building. Neither of us had any words.
When we got to the rest rooms and shower area, I said, “You go
first. You have that meeting to get to and I like to cool down while
I eat my lunch on the patio.”
She said OK and we looked at each other for a second before she
bit her lip, offered a parting wave, turned and walked into the
ladies room. I went to the kitchen, grabbed my lunch and headed
outside to sit in the small courtyard just outside the kitchen door.
There was a picnic table and a few chairs there that seemed to
only be used by the smokers that came for their periodic nicotine
fix. The area was empty and I sat down to eat at the picnic table.


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