A police woman beat her niece to coma

    A 27-year old security guard, Joy Amodu has been
    arrested by the Police in Lagos, for beating her 10-
    year old niece, Foziya Danjuma to coma.
    According to the police, the suspect after beating up
    the girl inserted Aboniki balm, (methyl salicylate
    ointment) into her private parts and eyes. She later
    became unconscious and she was rushed to the
    hospital by Joy. The little girl was rejected at the
    first two hospitals she was rushed too, but was later
    admitted at Ikoyi Military hospital, where a good
    samaritan saw the situation of the girl and alerted an
    NGO who reported Joy to the police.
    She was picked up and confessed to the crime,
    stressing that she had to do that because her father
    left her in her care and she has been warning her to
    stop bedwetting because she is too old for it. The
    police later found out that, Foziya’s father made her
    live with joy when she complained of a strange
    illness and loneliness pleading with him that she
    needed a companion.
    Joy will soon be arraigned in court, but their family
    has stepped into this, insisting it is a family matter
    and should be settled the family way. Police are
    however saying because the girl is a minor, they will
    leave it to Government to decide if it should be
    treated as a family matter or not.


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