My Woman Wants To Kill Me In The Bedroom

I decided to bring out this issue because I've already promised this lady marriage last year and I'm trying to get all the money that is required for our wedding. But she has been growing too fat since this year and the worst thing is that she now seems to love séx even more than me, the man. I can't even say 'NO' as her weight is heavy and she will just hold me down anyhow she likes and I will have no choice but to satisfy her.

We already live together and as it is now every night I must do something...

My productivity in the office is dropping and one of my friend told me last week that am reducing. I believe him as I can feel it inside that this woman is becoming too big for me and this is making me to think too much.

I wish I can leave her and run away. Why can't she just reduce her weight? I can't even tell her. *am sad*

- Stan


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