I NEED ADVICE; My Wife Only Sleeps With Me When She Needs Something

I’ve been married for two years. Prior to our marriage, I dated her for about five years.

We have always enjoyed a healthy s*x life, but I’ve also started suspecting my wife is using s*x as a means of making me do what she wants, to control me. It’s not that I’m a tyrant or an idle person. I love my woman and try to satisfy her needs.

However, there are long periods, sometimes lasting for a couple of months, when she refuses to have s*x with me. This often means she wants something from me: a new phone, or a some new clothes, or a weekend at her parents’ house is approaching, and she needs me to be “good”.

Thinking about the years prior to our marriage, I now realize she applied the same tactic when we were going out.

I simply don’t get it, why wouldn’t she just tell me what she wants and use s*x as a pleasurable reward instead of punishing me with abstinence? Or does it mean she sees me only as a tool to achieve her goals, and sees s*x as a dreadful “chore”?

I would like to hear some unbiased opinions before I finally talk to her. Thank you!


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