This kid is way to young to be even drinking in the first place.
Photo: via elitedaily.com
We would think that most kids have a sweet tooth, so something bitter like alcohol wouldn’t work well with kids right? That’s definitely not the case for 2-year-old Cheng Cheng of China’s Anhui province, who was instantly hooked at the age of 10 months old after trying just a speck of wine on his father’s chopsticks.
Even before he turned one, the boy drank an entire bottle of beer. And now social services are debating whether to place the boy in protective care over fears for his vital organs, Daily Mail reports.
His parents have tried to ween him off of alcohol but he refuses milk and juice, crying incessantly until he’s given wine or beer.
His mother, Cai, said, “his eyes are always on the alcohol bottles. We can only try their best to store the bottles in a place which is not seen by him.”
Cheng Cheng, or “Little Winebibber” as he is known around the town, can easily drink a beer in a matter of minutes, not showing any signs of intoxication after.
Cai said she can’t take her son to any parties or community festivals because he cries when he sees everyone drinking.
Photo: via elitedaily.com
Cai said, “we will not let him drink or touch alcohol anymore as we afraid that it will affect his growth.” The organs of a child this young are obviously not developed far enough to handle alcohol, and local pediatricians have reportedly admitted that the boy has most likely already taken several years off his life.


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