I Don't Mind Having S**x with A Friend - Big Girl Joselyn Dumas (PHOTOS)

Many guys love having girls as friends with "benefits" but it becomes strange when a lady comes out to declare that she is very much interested in such affair. In orders words, she want her future husband to know that many other men have "entered the place", not just the few guys she actually dated before marriage. 

Funny as that may sound, that is what popular TV host Joselyn Dumas said recently. In fact, she supported the idea of friends with benefits completely, no pretence at all. 

The big ass babe said she is cool with having sex with a friend because, according to her, friends with benefits comes without pressure or obligations that characterize the tag of being somebody’s girlfriend or boyfriend. 

So, guys who are friends with Joselyn are lucky, anything can happen. lol! See her sexy photos below...


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