TB Joshua Faults Pastor Chris Argument On "Masturbation"

As online media are reacting to Prophet T.B. Joshua’s statement about abortion after rape, the popular cleric has also led his influential voice to the topic of masturbation, an issue that courted serious controversy several months ago when Christ Embassy Pastor Chris Oyakhilome stated it was not a sin.

In an interactive question and answer session via his official Facebook Page, T.B. Joshua bluntly said:
“What is masturbation? Masturbation stems from a desire to have séx. Once that desire is nursed, it is as bad as fornicating. In other words, once that desire is nursed, one is in bondage to the spirit of immorality. There is no other name to call it than sin."
But on the contrarily, Pastor Oyakhilome had stated in a controversial video that, “In itself, masturbation is not a sin against God. Now I say that for a reason...
Many Christians think that is a sin against God and satan uses it in oppressing them, oppressing their minds and making them feel ineffective and inefficient in the things of God… so if you don’t like it, stop! But God has got nothing to do with it. Masturbation is about you and your body and God is not offended by it.”

So, once again, which of these pastors should we go with?
Is masturbation just between you and your body as Pastor Chris puts it or it is the same thing with
fornication, since it is an act that starts from séxual desire, as Prophet TB Joshua declared?


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