May D, the Ile Ijo crooner, shared this photo with his white woman via his page today, and some of his fans have been wishing him happy married life....;-)

Migrant Offshore Station (MOAS) rescued 434 African migrants from three over-crowded, dangerously deflated rubber boats early yesterday morning, October 20th.

All 434 individuals, from various African nationalities including Nigeria, were brought safely aboard the rescue ship. Among them are 8 children who are now being cared for by the Red Cross medical team. More photos after the cut.

Zero Radio Rescue rescued a newborn baby in a black bag. He was found abandoned by the road near a garbage pit in Pluak Daeng, Rayong, Thailand on Wednesday, October 19th.

The rescue team attended to the baby boy before taking it to the hospital for proper checkup. More photos after the cut...

 She looks amazing!

President Buhari's daughter and photographer Hanan is pictured at the African women's women's forum holding in Brussels, Belgium.
Some ladies are still trapping and extorting men through special means. Credit: ‏@Yommie_Scream

There was wild jubilation in Ile-Ife on Saturday as the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, appeared to the waiting mammoth crowd with the historical and sacred Aare crown on his head which he wore for the first time since his enthronement late last year.
The crown, which spiritually weighs over 70kg, is always worn once in a year by the Ooni during which major gods in the city are appeased.

The Aare is a special crown made of 151 items, part of which is cutlass and hoe. The crown is expected to be worn during the annual Olojo festival in the ancient city. 

The festival, which is believed to be a celebration of the creation of the first dawn, the first afternoon and the first night in creation of mankind, witnessed the presence of dignitaries, artists, traditional rulers and government officials.

As the Ooni walked out with the Aare crown, thousands of viewers, whom are indigenes and non-indigenes of Ile-Ife were praying and hailing the king.

Dressed in all white apparel, Oba Ogunwusi, who had been in seclusion for seven days, left his residence for Oke Emese(Emese court) within the palace premises, around 4: 00 pm to perform final rites before he wore the mystic Aare crown.

At exactly 5pm, Oba Ogunwusi came out with Are crown on his head and a white dove, praying for the peace and progress of the ancient city and the black race.

He subsequently proceeded amidst prayers and several gunshots to Oke Mogun(Ogun shrine) and Idi Aje two major ports of call during Olojo Festival where rituals and prayers were said for the peace of Nigeria and Yoruba race.

On the procession of Ooni to Oke Mogun were former Governor of South West and Are Tobalase of Ife Admiral Akin Aduwo, Cuban Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Carlos Tredjo Sosa, former President Nigeria Guilds of Editor, Mr Gbenga Adefaye, a Special Adviser to Lagos state governor, Mr Kehinde Bamigbetan, Senator Babajide Omoworare, Hon. Rotimi Makinde, Professor Adeyemi Aderibigbe, Leader of OPC, Dr. Frederick Fasheun, Minority Leader of Osun state House of Assembly, Hon. Safiriyu Akinwole, some royal fathers led by Ajero of Ijero kingdom, Oba Adewole Joseph, Ife chiefs, priests and members of Oodua Peoples Congress, OPC, as well as indigenes and tourists from different parts of world.

Before Ooni commenced the trip, his traditional emissaries known as Emese, who wore only shorts, wielding coated canes performed the symbolic sprint to Oke Mogun shrine three times to clear the route the monarch would take.

Meanwhile, traders have affirmed that they made more sales during the festival.

One of them identified as Madam Joy expressed surprise over the large turn-out by the people.
"We were initially scared that the current economic recession may affect the turnout but it didn't. We made a lot of sales. We are happy and even wish this should be done everyday," she added.

Chairman of National Union of Road Transport Workers Mini Bus commuters, Mr Isiaka Olatunbosun, added that the festival boosted their businesses.

He said, "The community festival has become the most veritable avenue for boosting domestic tourism in Ife and its environs. There has been increase in patronage. Masses were trooping in large from near and far."

As the festival progresses, the Lowa Adimula of Ile-Ife, High Chief Joseph Ijaodola, commended youths for maintaining a peaceful coexistence.

He congratulated the Ooni for witnessing his maiden appearance and wearing of Aare  since his investiture to his forefathers' stool.
Also, the Lowa Ate of the Source, High Chief Adebowale Olafare, expressed that Olojo festival signified peace and unity.

“We did not have  troubles neither did we record any disaster during and after this festival," he added.

The high Chief subsequently called for  support for the Ooni in uplifting the town, promoting peace, unity and to take Ife to its promise land.

The historic Olojo 2016, which started on Monday  had witnessed many events among which are Gbajure Cultural Carnival; Ooni's Football Challenge; inter-school debate; quiz competition.

Others are Ayo Olopon traditional game, yoruba cultura entertainment night, music concert, omodon (Sisi) Olojo Cultural pageant, and fashion show. It be climaxed on Monday with the grand finale royal outing when the Ooni is expected to move round the town visiting some specific places especially his ancestral Giesi compound at Agbedegbe.

Comrade Moses Olafare,
Director of Media & Public Affairs,
Ooni's Palace,

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She had the caption below the pic

Sweet 16... Birthday feeling flyyyyyyy!!!! So Birthday OutFit by @miistitch .. Jewelry by @electricfybeads #proudlynigerian 
@anitajoseph8 here you go :-) wit the pictures .... Thank you guys for the wishes!!!! #birthday #girl #happy

by Temilolu Okeowo
My darling, precious, glorious, dignified, Nigerian sisters...
My heart breaks as I write you. In fact I had a troubled night when I eventually spoke with Risi. I keep wondering how she could allow the devil into her life after she had abstained from s*x and kept herself till 25+ years old. 
This is what happens when one commits other sins while staying away from s*xual inter-course or even when one remains a virgin. What one considers "a little sin" could open doors of doom. 
She not only got herself contaminated, she also killed an innocent unborn child, perhaps one of God’s prophets. Who knows what that child was sent to this world to do; this is very serious! 
The devil knowing how glorious Risi’s destiny is chose to tamper with it by setting her continuously against God.

Ladies, indeed we have a merciful God, however, He shouldn’t be taken for granted because He is quick to forgive. I keep telling you, you never know the type of destiny you carry and the magnitude of your greatness. The greater your star, the greater your battles. The devil doesn’t attack nonentities. He attacks people of great worth and value who are destined to leave their footprints in the sands of time. Alas, too many of such people are roaming the world today in great shame and pain, dejected, rejected and rendered useless by wicked devil just because they never understood the language of their star. 
You don’t know what the enemy has planned to befall you in future. His specialty is to stop great destinies by causing them to fall into challenges that would divert their trajectory and which they may never be able to overcome. Sin, no matter how little you consider it, is what gives him access to turn a beautiful life to a nightmare.

Dear Risi, I wish you had been reading this column long before now. I really feel terrible about what you have done but can only encourage you to keep the pregnancy and be strong-please. The whole situation - your schooling, inadequate finances, disappointment from your boyfriend, the pregnancy and other pressures attached to it is a very unpleasant combination; however you are better off just surrendering to God COMPLETELY! 
May God in His infinite mercy send you help from His sanctuary and strengthen you in Jesus mighty name! Amen!

By the time his parents brought him to the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Lagos, he had pierced his body with blades and knives.

The 23-year-old university undergraduate looked cool, well-dressed and spoke English fluently, but it wasn’t long before the nurses who attended to him knew that he was mentally deranged.

“His speech was incoherent, irrelevant and illogical,” said one of the nurses who attended to him, as she added that “Speech test is one of the ways we know that someone has gone berserk.”

James was a 300 Level Biochemistry student in a private university in the south-west until August 2014 when his parents got a call from the school’s management that their son was having some sort of problem and needed urgent attention. 
They didn’t disclose what the problem was right away. On learning about their son’s “critical” condition, James’ parents, resident in Lagos, sped to the school, only to find their son behaving strangely. After some investigations, it was discovered that James had been taking codeine (a sleep-inducing and analgesic drug derived from morphine) for some time.

One of James’ friends, simply identified as Femi, and who also notified the school in the first place, told our correspondent how he found out that his friend was indulging in drugs.

He said, “It was while we were in 200 Level that I learned that James was into drugs. At first, I didn’t take him seriously. I thought he knew what he was getting into. He said the drug was to calm him down after reading, nothing else. But over time, his codeine consumption increased. I warned him several times, but he didn’t listen. He’d even ask me, ‘Or do you want to report me to the Vice Chancellor?’ I stopped warning him.

“I started to notice his strange behaviour around August 2014. I remember one night around 8pm when I asked him what his plans were after graduating from the school. His reply shocked me: ‘I want to be a commercial bus driver in Lagos.’ I laughed as I thought he was joking. But on a second thought, I said that didn’t sound normal.”

The following morning was when Femi decided not to keep his friend’s secret anymore.

“All through the night, I saw him talking to himself. I asked him what was going wrong and he said he was discussing his plans with some people. I couldn’t sleep. When the day broke, I had to report to the school management, who thereafter took him to the school clinic. They observed him there for a day before calling his parents,” he said. “I always feel bad it took me too long to report him, but I am happy I did the right thing eventually. Probably if I had reported him when I first saw him taking codeine, he would have been helped early.”

Femi, now working in a pharmaceutical company in Lagos, said he’s usually unhappy whenever he remembers that James is still in the psychiatric hospital.

“We were meant to graduate together and I believe he’ll be out of the facility soon,” he said.

James is one of the “hundreds” of undergraduates who are in the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Yaba, according to an official who spoke to our correspondent on the condition of anonymity.

The official said, “We have many undergraduates here. They are in the hundreds, both male and female and the pathetic thing is that most of them are teenagers while some are in their early 20s. What brought most of them here is because they were into drugs.

“Some took Indian hemp, while some took cocaine, but in most cases we’ve seen, they took the former. Some also took codeine and when you ask them why they took it, they would tell you it was to calm them down, especially when they had read and read.

“They often used it to enhance their sleep. Unfortunately, most parents were not aware that their children were into drugs until their first breakdown or episode. That’s when they bring them here.”

According to the official, most of the victims are from public institutions, where there is little or no monitoring of students’ activities.

The source added, “We have cases from both public and private institutions, but there are more cases from the former, where students are usually not monitored. There are a couple of cases from private universities too.

“You know authorities of public institutions don’t really care how students live their lives. But in private institutions, the students are careful in taking these drugs because of their strict policies. Don’t also forget that most private institutions in the country are faith-based and they are bent on instilling their doctrines or belief systems in the students. So, there’s a certain level of discipline in private schools. In public schools, there’s freedom. Students live wherever and anyhow they want to without anybody monitoring them.

“In the case of students from private institutions, when they break down, the management relays the information to their parents to come and take them, who then bring them here. In public schools, the friends of the victims alert the parents. So, in almost every case we’ve seen, the victims’ parents brought them here.”

How do the victims usually behave when they are first brought to the hospital for the medical personnel to know that they are suffering from mental derangement?

The official said, “Actually, most of them are calm when they bring them, only a few are violent. Some come well-dressed and even try to comport themselves, but there are ways through which we know the victim is mentally disturbed.

“For a while, they can stay calm, but it does not take long before they start displaying some weird behaviours. There are also some tests carried out on them. For instance, when a person’s speech is incoherent, irrelevant and illogical, or if they have a wrong orientation to time, person and place, you know something is wrong.

“You may ask, ‘What time of the day are we now?’ If it is morning and the victim says it is night, they have a wrong orientation to time. Or if you ask where they are and they reply they are in the market whereas they are in the hospital, they have a wrong perception about place. These are just some of the tests.

“Some would have pierced their bodies because by the time they had sniffed, inhaled and injected the drugs, they wouldn’t know what they’re doing again. We see a lot of marks or scars on many of them. Some have abrasions and in some cases, tattoos all over the body.

“As a psychologist, when you see tattoos and piercings all over a student’s body, or a lady with a very weird hairdo, it tells you something. You don’t do such things ordinarily. There’s a 90 per cent probability that such student is involved in drugs or alcohol. For those who have survived the illness, the major factor they would tell you that drive them into it is peer influence.”

Away from the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Lagos, a staff of the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Aro, Ogun State, simply identified as Mrs. Adigun, said in her 10 years of working at the hospital, she had seen hundreds of undergraduates being admitted into the facility due to drugs.

She said, “In both the male and female wards, they are many here. I usually pity them. They are beautiful ladies and handsome guys who should have no reason to be here, but because of drugs, they are here. They took cocaine and the rest and they became insane.

“Just a few weeks ago, they brought in another student from a private university in Osun State. She was studying Accounting. In fact, she ought to graduate from the institution next year, but that will no longer be possible even if she becomes normal today and is discharged.”

Findings by our correspondent showed that there are many undergraduates in several other psychiatric hospitals across the country — including the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospitals in Benin (Edo State), Kaduna (Kaduna State), Calabar (Cross River State) and Enugu (Enugu State) — who became patients in the facilities as a result of taking cocaine and Indian hemp.

An official at the Psychiatric Unit of the General Hospital, Ilorin, Kwara State, who pleaded anonymity, said “there are a couple of victims from the University of Ilorin and Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo State.”

Mrs. Chioma Ugochukwu, an official at the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Enugu, also said the hospital had “always” admitted student patients.

“They are here, many of them. We have always admitted students from tertiary institutions, both from the private and public schools, including from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. They are usually teenagers or in their 20s,” she noted.

Why we took drugs — Ex-patients
Some former student patients at some of the psychiatric hospitals in the country told this reporter that they resorted to taking drugs as a result of academic pressure, among other reasons.

“I think I started taking Ritalin (one of the most commonly known central nervous system stimulants that is used in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy, a condition characterised by an extreme tendency to fall asleep whenever in relaxing surroundings),” said John Abayomi, a former Law undergraduate at a private university in Ogun State.

Even though he was never diagnosed with an attention deficit disorder, Abayomi said, “I learned how to take it from a friend and it’s one of the bad decisions I ever made in my life. I had to drop out of school eventually. I thought the drug was going to help me fight pressure, but it ruined my life.

“When I started using the drugs, I could sit down to read all through the night for like five hours and it would be like twenty minutes. I thought I was doing myself good.”

Abayomi, who was a patient at the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Yaba, said he started taking the drug because he thought he was suffering from an undiagnosed disorder and needed a stimulant to boost his attention.

“There were many students then like me taking the drug. We didn’t belong to any bad group, but it’s all because we wanted to read for long,” he said. “But I thank God I’m out of the facility. Even though I couldn’t pursue my Law degree, I’m happy to be a singer now and public speaker, telling young people not to take drugs for any purpose except it’s prescribed by the doctor.”

A former Economics undergraduate of the University of Lagos, simply identified as Yemi, 28, said he was lured into taking drugs while in 200 Level in 2008.

He said, “My own case was as a result of peer influence. I started doing cocaine in 2008, upon seeing friends doing it. It destroyed my life. It made me do things that I would never think of doing. I cut my body with blade and did some funny tattoos. I regret having them.

“My friends bundled me one day in 2009 when I wasn’t normal again and took me to my parents’ home. I think they took me to a private mental facility where I got recovered. I have since learned my lessons. I still intend to go back to school someday.”

A sociologist, Dr. Olakunle Alabi, warned that undergraduates need to be careful of the kind of friends they move with, because “who you walk with is who you become.”

He added, “Drug abuse is a serious issue and it is sad that it has destroyed the lives of many youths. If you look at the hundreds of the undergraduates in mental facilities, their future is being jeopardised, meaning that the future of the country is also jeopardised because whatever potential they have will be killed until they become normal again.”

- Written by The Punch's Jesusegun Alagbe

She was r*ped and the trauma turned her into a lady with an uncontrollable crave for s*x. Her name is Sitawa Wafula. In her article published on Love Matters, she narrates how she suffered the mess until she was able to control her wild desires. Read her touching story:

S*x and mental health made me who I am: I am Sitawa Wafula [from Kenya] and I live with both epilepsy and bipolar.
At 18, I was raped but was never treated for the trauma I went through. That is where the bipolar disorder came from, a mental health condition where one shifts between periods of mania and depression. 
I was told that during mania, I would experience days without sleep, moments of talking too fast and that I could be a spendthrift. 
No one told me that this illness would come with an excessive desire for s*x.

Every time it happened, I beat myself up. I thought that if I was a man, that would be acceptable, but a woman with an excessive desire for s*x?

There was no place in the world for a woman like that! I questioned myself a lot and asked myself why I had desires that saw no moral barriers.

There was no way to ignore the desires. They demanded fulfillment and often fulfillment from more than one person.

These desires saw men like shoes. I was not satisfied with just one pair [s*x partner]. I wanted them all - the stilettoes, the wedges, the flats, the boots. Each shoe has its purpose. There wasn’t just THE SHOE.

Trying to fulfill my desires, I have had lots shoes [s*x partners] and I was never attached to any of them. I never saw anything wrong with wearing up to three pairs of shoes [s*x partners] in a day, sometimes with no socks [condom].

I never saw it as cheating on anyone. Whenever I stabilized from my mania, I would feel devastated.

For the longest time, I thought to myself that to change I would need to choose my battles wisely. Otherwise, I would just be a Christian African woman who had an excessive desire for s*x and no way to be normal.

Over the years, as I have understood my illness better, I learnt that my hyper-s*xuality was only one symptom of a larger illness. I have also learnt that I am not my illness.

So, I decided to embrace myself as a Christian African woman with an excess desire for s*x due to my bipolar diagnosis. I also made a bold step to master owning just one all-season pair of shoes. This pair understands my depression, my mania, and my in-between state.

It has been two years since I have had this pair of shoes. Coupled with understanding my illness and striving every day not to fall into depression or to be overtaken my mania, it has really helped reduce my hypers*xual activities and exposure to the risks it comes with.

by Hammed Da Pacesetter Omoluabi

1. Cultism:
There’s no need to explain much about its execution or its consequences. Cultism has left horrible scars across the land. Both student and society now realized the enormity of the criminality of this and make scattered effort to fight it. In many campuses, new and old students join cult groups. 
Those who are involved in cultism usually claim they are using it to protect themselves. In states like Rivers, it’s gradually becoming exclusively a street affair, with devastating consequences.

2. R*pe and S*xual Harassment:
This act is rampant mostly between lecturers and female student, but it also happen among students. More and more male are becoming victims of this act. Some intentional engage in this act and when they are caught they blame the devil.

3. Copyright & Plagiarism:
Many who commit this act don't know are ignorant of it. Copying and reproducing someone’s work without permission and/or credit is a punishable crime. Photocopying contents from text-book and other materials and selling to students as handout is also illegal.

4. Examination Malpractice:
It’s one of the biggest crime students commit. Mostly, it's lazy ones who can’t spend time to study and master their course that end up relying on malpractice to pass their exams. The consequences for this crime are enormous; a student is either rusticated if caught or he graduates without sound knowledge of the course he/she spent years to study in the university. It is bad.
- Hammed Da Pacesetter Omoluabi
#iampacesetter on Instagram
Publisher @ One Nigeria Blog

A stray lion from the Queen Elizabeth National park attacked two brothers as they worked in their garden. Elijah Akugizibwe and Francis Tugume were on Thursday October 6th tending to their garden when the lion first attacked the former before injuring the latter who had come to rescue him. The brothers raised an alarm which attracted residents and the animal was overpowered and killed.

They were rushed to Fort Portal regional referral hospital where they are recovering from their injuries.

John Paul Wasswa, a doctor at the hospital said the victims had deep cuts on arms, legs and fore head but are both out of danger.
Vexing and Paranoid lion attacks two in Uganda

According to an official from wildlife authority, the lion escaped from its habitat on Monday.
“It went through Ibanda and Kamwenge districts before getting to Kyenjojo. In Kamwenge, it reportedly killed about 10 sheep and five goats in Kyenjojo,” he said.

George Airport in South Africa is not only Africa's first solar powered airport, it is also the second of such in the world after India's Cochin airport. 2000 solar panels provide 750Kw of energy daily which exceeds the 450Kw the airport needs to run its activities.

“Gone are the days when power failures used to a be a big thing for the airport. We no longer have those, said Brenda Voster, Airport Manager.

The solar facility which cost about $1.2 million to build has so far helped airport reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 1,229 tonnes, the equivalent of 103,934 litres of fuel.

Also, there are plans to increase the capacity of the power station by an extra 250 Kw.

“We’re quite excited about us embarking on phase two. Phase two I should say in all probability, will, have the back-up battery facilities where we can then store any solar that we generate through the day that we are not using,” Brenda added. The busy travel hub handles about 700,000 passengers annually.
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