She makes a lot of laugh and it's working well for her. The 6 year old comedienne features in her first international movie titled "Survive". She also won an international award recently. Nice one!

Very funny set of thieves. Two suspected robbers identified as Goke Wale and Ganiyu Idowu, have been arrested by men of the Lagos Rapid Response Squad (RRS). The duo were apprehended as they stuffed N1.5m abandoned robbery loot into their private parts in Oshodi. More photos...


I am speechless I do not even know what to add to this post.. The little sister said it all in this post and I can't hide my emotion from this writeup... How many people this government will kill.

Death! Why did you come into my household and take my sister away. Ifedolapo mi,whrn death came knocking at your door,why did you open for him. You left home before i finished my exam. I was really in a hurry to finish up and come home to you so we can talk and gist and gossip about everything. You told me you were on your way already and i bid you farewell and i told you to be safe and i told you i love you and you told me back. I was home alone when i heard you had malaria,i called you,i talked to you,i prayed for you, i said I'll call you back. My other sister Oyeyode Abimbola Inioluwa called me and told me to get dressed that we are going to kano because you were sick and you were transfered to general hospital where they are not attending to youand you needed someone to talk to the officials to release you so you can be taken care of. They said you were lying because you wanted to avoid parade. We left home very late at night all the way to kano state so we could just be with you and make you steady so we can come home together. My sister begged and begged the doctor on duty to refer you to teaching hospital,but they kept saying you're for the federal government so they'll have to watch you first before you were refered. They gave you an unknown injection which immediately your body reacted to, they begged for you to be taken to the teaching hospital, the doctors turned off your phone and sent your friends out. You should have held on for us to get there maybe it would have been better. We never had the agreement that you'd leave so early ifedolapo,we grew up together, ate together, fought,played,i would wear your clothes and It won't fit you still wouldn't be angry, i would come home from school and on seeing you,i would hug you and carry you up like a child because you were so light and handy. I would come into the room and whack a pillow on your head and you'll chase me and beat me. Mum will talk or say something funny and you would look at me and we'll both laugh out at mum. You would makeup for me and I'll laugh at it and mock you. You would clean my ears for me,you would wash my hair for me,you would clean my nails for me, you would clean our room always and arrange our clothes,i would sleep all day and you will be the one to do the house chores. I would mock you and say your clothes can fit my sister's five year old daughter and you'll laugh and abuse me. We would watch film together from the beginning to the end. We would plat cooking fever together, we would go out to shop together, we looked so much alike people mistake us for eachother. When we were told you gave up,i cried and prayed to God it wasn't you not until we got to the morgue and saw your lifeless body still wearing your white top and short. We shouted and shouted for you to stand up and let's start going home but you didn't even move an inch. Who will replace you in my life? Who will take your place in our lives. You are so precious i would do anything for you to wake up. I still didn't believe it until NYSC brought your dead body down home. We didn't even get to see your body in the khaki and you were buried in it. Ifedolapo,Amoke mi, NYSC killed you with their negligence and stupid student doctor that knows nothing who gave you the injection, saw how your body reacted to it and turned off your phones. May the wrath of God be upon such people and may they have unending sadness in their lives..forever. Amoke mi,i love you and you'll forever live on in our hearts. If you want to come back,i would love you to come back as my daughter too. I love you,i love you. The bed feels empty without you. Life feels worthless without you. May God forgive you of all your shortcomings and continue resting in the bossom of the Almighty till we'll meet to part no more. Adieu ifedolapo Amoke.

The heartbroken sister of Kano corper, Ifedolapo Oladepo who died at NYSC camp on Tuesday has recounted her final moments. The details are really touching. Read what her mum wrote:

Meet Abdulkabir Tola Ojulari, The Man Who Returned 20k That Was Mistakenly Sent To His Account
Photo of AbdulKabir

Facebook user with the name Beta Adewale Adediran posted on his Facebook profile that this gentle man above returned 20k that he mistakenly transferred to his account. We have to be celebrating people like this among us, even if u mistaken that amount into a rich man account s/he might not return it back... appreciate and celebrate this man as he his the real Mr. Integrity.

Photo of Beta Adewale

Here is the copy of the Beta Adewale post on Facebook::::

"I mistakenly transfered 20k into this man's bank account and he returned it. He is Abdulkabir Tola Ojulari. I just searched him on Facebook, his FB name is Oj Mcpayne
Pls celebrate a changed Nigerian.
Emulate a selfless fellow"
As usual, I was going through my Facebook jeje and I saw one of our pretty ladies on Facebook ranting about an abnormal dude talking shii to her through her fb chat and she decided to share their chat to public... So I cop it and share it.... Read what The guy posted on his Facebook 

If you ask me.. After going through the guy Facebook, I realized that the fb account might be fake.. Because the name Posly TD is one upcoming artist like that, he features in the all artists tribute video for dagrin some years back... 

Read what she said below and see their chats

"Abeg make una read me and Dis fool chat 
Wey talk sey I Dey ask am out
Simone I don't even reply his message 
Dem Don talk sey Naso una Dey do
Na thunder go fire U 
Omo ale radarada 
Fuck u
Naso person go Dey jeje wey una go Dey find wahala
U wey ur life Don spoil U cum Dey find person wey U go koba 
Koni da fun e"

Popular indigenous wordsmith Olamide has announced plans for his anticipated annual musical concert; OLIC 3, set to hold on the 26th of December at EKO Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The rapper, who has been praised by critics for his consistency in the year 2016 revealed the night, will be one to remember as he is fully prepped to make the 2016 edition of the concert a lot bigger than its sophomore; which was held in December 2015.

Tagged ‘OLIC 3: Beast Mode III’, the concert will witness a one-of-a-kind performance as the rapper is set to take fans down memory; performing songs from the early stage of his career.

The show put together by Right Entertainment, Achievas Entertainment and YBNL will also have some of the biggest names in the music industry in attendance.

Speaking on his plans for this year’s ‘OLIC’, Olamide remarked, “I'm fully charged for the concert this year, my battery is fully charged!”

Operative of the Department of State Security on Friday afternoon raided Bureau de Change spots in Kano and arrested no fewer than 40 currency dealers.

An eyewitness, Umar Iliya said the operative stormed the Wapa area at about noon, seized selected men and took them away in security van.

The witness told Vanguard that the operation causes stir culminating in a pandemonium before their identity was revealed. It was learnt that simultaneously, another group of currency dealers were arrested at the Aminu Kano Int'l Airport, as well as few others at Central hotel area of the city.

Although DSS official are quiet over the operation, the Auditor General of Association of Currency Dealers in Kano, AbdulHamid Kabeer, confirmed the incident.

He said, “they arrested over 40 of our members in an operation that barely lasted half an hour.”

AbdulHamid added that “we are derply troubled over this unfortunate incident, and as I talk to you an emergency meeting is the offing..."

A man of about 60yrs old, an indigene of Amaekpu Ohafia in Ohafia area of Abia State was paraded unclad by youths of the community as punishment for r*ping and killing a lady in the community.

According to report by Abia Facts, the man mocked the girl for being a vir-gin while r*ping her in the farm, before he allegedly killed her. He then informed the lady's friend to tell the family where they can find the body. It was the friend who raised the alarm.

The young vibrant Nigeria act who is the pioneer of Moore Music Group Malaysia and who has been living and doing is musical career in Malaysia recently got nominated at the ASAM award.

ASAM award is one of the large and most attended Africa award that most Nigerians living in Malaysia are looking forward to achieve.

Here is the press release from the stable of Moore Music Group...

Congratulations Moore Music Group Malaysian Based  Act , Iyke Moore
Has been Nominated in this year Prestigious African Social Award Malaysia (ASAM) for the Best Gospel Artist Award, Iyke Moore has been Underground for many years producing and promoting gospel musicians, he has featured in some works and have his solo track released Early this year titled Crazy world.. He his the Founder of Moore Empire,  ,

 a Music Company that oversees all kinds of Entertainment.. Among Other Company's he owns are Rough House Entertainment an invent and management outfit, Moore Music Group, A rocord Label , Moore Vims and Picrures, a video Production Company, has produced a lot of Malaysian Based Nigerian and local Musicians.. Watch out for more of his work coming out before the end of this year

Ekiti State governor, Mr. Ayodele Fayose on Thursday in Okesa, Ado Ekiti distributed cheques worth N200m to the second bash of landlords whose properties are to give way for the construction of 1.2km Fajuyi/Ojumose flyover.

Governor Fayose in his address thanked the chiefs and residents for their understanding and cooperation with the assurance that his government's action is in Ekiti's best interest.
The  High Chief Asa of Okesa, Ado Ekiti, Chief Kayode Ogunleye who spoke on behalf of the residents appreciated governor Fayose for living up to his promise of paying compensation to property owners before demolishing their properties also pleaded with the governor on behalf of the residents to allow them exhume the remains of their buried ones before the commencement of demolition, a request governor Fayose granted expressly.
Governor Fayose who said he's giving affected residents two weeks to exhume the remains of their buried ones as requested urged the gathering to support him in his campaign against open defecation in the state.

Thomson Reuters Foundation has published "Princess, a life helping victims of sex trafficking" a project where brave Nigerian human trafficking survivors, mostly from Edo State, shared their lives, stories and how they are helping each other. This is part of of a special series "Links in the trafficking chain, a collection of investigative stories to shine a light on some of the perpetrators of trafficking. In this series, photojournalist Quintina Valero’s images focus on these Nigerian women who have been trafficked into sex slavery in Italy after crossing North Africa and the Mediterranean.
Most of the women are from Benin City in Nigeria’s southern Edo State. Traffickers often enslave their victims with crippling debts, threats of violence and “juju” rituals that bind them to their pimps through fear.

The main agents of this crime are women, "madams" who are themselves often former sex slaves. They recruit girls from friends or family members. They deal with the traffickers who provide travel document and transport and arrange contact with other madams in Italy.XX Princess arrived in Italy in 1999, forced into prostitution to pay off a 45,000 euro ($50,000) debt to the smugglers who arranged her journey there. A priest and an Italian man who would later become her husband helped her clear her debts, after eight months in Turin. She went on to set up a charity to help rescued survivors like herself.

After securing asylum and getting a residence permit, Princess decided to stay in Italy and, with her husband, help other victims of trafficking break out of the sex trade. In this photo, a Nigerian woman who works as a prostitute on the outskirts of Asti city receives condoms from Princess. Princess informs sex workers of their rights and tells them about protection programmes available to them.

Many sex slaves do not denounce their traffickers as they fear something terrible will happen to them or their families. Princess and Alberto work with police and border authorities to identify victims of trafficking as soon as they arrive in Italy. They place the girls in apartments that they share between four or five girls or with Nigerian families. Survivors who denounce their traffickers are given residence permits and their families back in Nigeria are also protected.

In 1999, Princess founded PIAM Onlus with her husband to help trafficked women and those trapped in prostitution. These days, asylum seekers and victims of sex trafficking are entered into the SPAAR programme (System for the Protection of Asylum Seekers and Refugees) set up by the Italian government in 2002. This allows them to get accommodation, food, work, education and help integrating into Italian society.
Once a month, she buys food for refugees and trafficking survivors who live in the city
Princess gathers with other Nigerian women after a Pentecostal church service in Asti. Though most Nigerians are Christians, animist religious practices remain a powerful tool for traffickers who threaten victims with “juju” rituals to ensure their silence.
Fatou arrived in Italy in 2014 from Gambia. Her “madam” gave her $10,000 for her journey to Libya via Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and the Sahara Desert.
Fatou and Patience live in a shelter for trafficked women in Asti. 90 percent of women trafficked to Italy come from Edo State in southern Nigeria, but there is a rise in young girls from Gambia like Fatou.
Success, a former victim of sex trafficking, celebrates her birthday with friends at her home in Asti. Source: Nigerian trafficking survivors in Italy help each other.
Loveth was forced into prostitution for three years in Libya, before her trafficker arranged her trip to Italy in 2014.
Precious entered a protection programme after fleeing Nigerian criminals who used a machete to interrogate her about her boyfriend's disappearance. Her boyfriend was apparently involved in the sex trafficking business.
Patience, a 28-year-old Nigerian survivor of trafficking, entered Italy’s protection programme and now sews Nigerian dresses for other women in the community.
 Precious, Loveth and other women receive vocational training at an Italian restaurant.
Ese, a Nigerian victim of trafficking, works at a chocolate factory in Asti. She has been granted a two-year residence permit.
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