A horrific incident happened at Adeleye Aparadija in Itele Ota road in Ogun state yesterday where a man killed his aged mother. In a story shared on Facebook by Awoniyi Isaac O, the man said he killed his mum because she was always insulting him. According to him, he has always being victimized. But it looks like he has mental issues. Continue to see graphic photos from the incident.

Work has begun on the runway of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport. The airport was closed down by the Federal government on Wednesday for repair works on the runway to commence. See more photos after the cut...

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INEC has just released the date for the 2019 Presidential Election.
16th February, 2019 has been fixed for Presidential and National Assembly Election while 2nd March, 2019 has been fixed for Governorship and State Assembly Election.

Congrats to all Barca fans.. it is a real war and Barca deserve the winning..

Just for the record. I was alive when oloriburuku Arsene Wenger team was beaten to pulp at Bayern i.e Bayern 5 - 1 Assnal, then Bayer came tto Assnal to beat Wenger another 1 - 5 making it all 10 - 2 tarrr iya re.. Then PSG was feeling like a boss when they teach Barca a lesson of their life by beaten them PSG 5 - 1 Barca... Now the tremendous almighty Barca revenged back by beating PSG black and blue, by teaching PSG lesson their next generation will never read finish.... Ever blazing Barca 6 - while the unfortunate PSG by lucky scored just 1 goal. My sister, my brother if you still haven't believe in yourself I don't know how you will make it ooo maybe in another life... #iSignOut #HailMac #AlMightyBarca

At least five people have been killed in a clash between Yoruba and Hausa traders in the Sabo area of Ile-Ife in Osun state.

A resident of the ancient city told TheCable that the situation started on Tuesday, but escalated on Wednesday morning.

He said trouble started after a vehicle driven by a Yoruba man hit the wife of a Hausa trader. Some youths were said to have attacked the driver with machete.

The situation was temporarily resolved, but members of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) chose to fight back on Wednesday.

Adeyeye Ogunwusi, ooni of Ife, reportedly intervened through seeking the assistance of security operatives.

The security agents deployed in the town were said to have foiled an attempt of aggrieved Yoruba residents to gain access into Sabo community, which is predominantly occupied by Hausa people.

The angry mob then stormed Lagere, a neighbouring community, and attacked Hausa traders there.

A witness said security agents found it difficult to control the rampaging mob.

Many have fled Ife as a result of the crisis, which has also led to the destruction of property worth millions of naira.

Some of the persons who sustained injuries have been taken to the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital (OAUTH) for medical attention.

Photo credit: Ikeokwu Chidozie

THE 55-year-old herbalist, who confessed to have prepared charms to fortify notorious kidnap kingpin, Henry Chibueze, popularly called Vampire, killed last week during a gun battle with operatives of the Inspector-General of Police Intelligence Response Team in Abia State, has said Vampire probably forgot to tie the charm for disappearance on his waist.

The herbalist, Iweajuo Gad, who was arrested in his shrine at Asoeme town in Aba, Abia South Local Government Area of Abia State, Sunday, revealed that he collected N700,000 to prepare the charms that facilitated his client’s rescue from the court.

This is just as one of the suspects arrested at the end of the gun battle that brought an end to Vampire’s reign revealed how late Chibueze killed three of his cousins, including a soldier.

Among charms prepared for Chibueze, according to his herbalist, were those that could stop bullets from penetrating his body and that of members of his gang, and could enable him disappear at will.

According to the herbalist, who allegedly also prepared charms for other robbers, “yes, I was his juju man. I performed the special ritual that made his escape from the Owerri High Court. I did it with the assistance of three other herbalists.

“Part of the rituals included causing disagreement among prison officials. We got the names of seven prison officials through the help of Vampire’s brother. I did incarnations, which caused them to be weak and confused. I was paid N700,000 for the ritual. I was given an initial payment of N200,000 for the preparation and after he was successfully rescued, I was paid the balance of N500,000.”

Asked why the charm failed on the day Chibueze was eventually killed, he stated that he could have forgotten to tie the charms for disappearance round his waist.


Meanwhile, one of the suspected members of the gang, Chukwuebuka Ikeazota, revealed how Vampire organised the bloody Friday, January 27, rescue from prison custody.

He disclosed that Vampire provided all the logistics, funds, arms and ammunition that was used by the gang.

Ikeazota further revealed that Vampire’s elder brother, Cornelius Ikeazota, led the gang that rescued Vampire.

After the rescue operation, he said that Vampire was taken to a house built by their elder brother in their home town in Anara, Isiala Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State, from where the gang resumed kidnapping.

The 23-year-old suspect also stated that the SUV that was used for the rescue operation was bought by Vampire, while he was in prison, adding that Vampire usually gave out his rifles for hire to various gangs of kidnappers operating within the state.

According to him, “I am related to Vampire by blood. My mother and his father were born by same parents. He is from Agbaja town in Nwagele Local Government Area, Imo State, and he used to visit us while we were younger.

“He stopped coming regularly to our house about 10 years ago, after he killed a soldier in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Killed soldier, three cousins

“Afterwards, we heard that he was a robber and that during an operation he killed a soldier.

“He ran away after that incident and I didn’t see him again until 2015, when he was arrested by the Department of State Service, DSS, operatives.

“Before his arrest, three of my uncles were killed by a gunman in my mother’s home town in Agbaja.

“My mother and some of her sisters trooped to their village and laid curse on who ever carried out the killing.

“It was three days after the curse was placed on their killers that Vampire was arrested by DSS. During interrogation, he confessed to be responsible for the death of my uncles. He said he killed them because they swindled him of some money he gave them to build a house for him.

“I used to visit him while he was in prison; to buy him food. He did not eat food cooked in the prison. During one of the visits, he gave me a note to take to his native doctor in Abia State. He was always in constant communication with my elder brother Cornelius.

“He (Cornelius) was the person Vampire gave money to buy SUV for him and he knows where Vampire kept his weapons.

“It was Cornelius that organised the boys that went to the court to rescue Vampire. Thereafter, they brought him to our house. He never came out of the house during the day.

“Two days after his release, he regrouped his boys and they went into town, kidnapped four persons and kept them in a forest. He was still staying in our house at the time I was arrested.”

North Korea has ordered Malaysia's ambassador out of the country in a tit-for-tat response after Malaysia expelled North Korea's envoy over the death of Kim Jong Nam at Kuala Lumpur's airport. The Malaysian ambassador has been labeled persona non grata and ordered to leave within 48 hours.

On Saturday, Malaysia ordered North Korean Ambassador Kang Chol to depart within 48 hours after he criticized Malaysia's handling of the murder of Kim Jong Nam, the half brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.
Assistant Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari shared this revealing report with New Telegraph about how deadly kidnapper, Vampire got N20m 48 hours after his rescue, paid arms supplier N6m shortly before his death and how, his 'anti-bullet' charms failed him. Members of his gang, who were arrested admitted to have carried out four successful kidnap operations since their leader was rescued from the Owerri High Court. Some of the kidnap victims were allegedly killed by Vampire. Read the full story after the cut:
There are many versions to the tales surrounding the life and time of Henry Chibueze, known in the underworld as Vampire, but all without exception evokes dread, almost like a clip from a horror movie.

The incidents that marked his rise and fall in the crime world clearly stood him out as very cunning and mortally vicious. Either as the hunter or the hunted, Vampire was an extremely dangerous person to deal with.

Overtly elusive and wily, he had been on the ‘Most Wanted’ list of the Police and the Department of State Services (DSS) since 2013. While the law enforcement agencies were then unable to score any hit on Vampire, they were however able to establish a pattern associated with his operations which aided the DSS in tracking him down and arresting him for the first time in 2015.
Before the arrest, Vampire was just a faceless terror and a bad news in security circles. He had on many occasions beaten the security dragnet of the DSS but this time he had his wings clipped for the first time, or so we thought, by a detachment of combat-ready operatives of the DSS who had trailed him to Disney Hotel, Owerri, Imo State, where his gang was about to kidnap Election Petitions Tribunal Judges.

The kidnap operation was busted by the DSS but Vampire escaped this time, with a bullet wound. Speaking to newsmen at the time in 2015, the then Imo State Director of the DSS, Francis Ejiofor, said that Vampire was eventually arrested after an operation where his victim’s family had to part with N15 million ransom. According to Ejiofor, “Mr. Henry Chibueze known as Vampire, engages in kidnapping from Nigeria to Cotonou, Congo and Ivory Coast.

He is a vicious kidnapper and he kills his victims at the slightest suspicion that security operatives are on his trail. When we learnt that he was in the state and had kidnapped a woman we waited until he had collected the ransom and released the woman and we went after him.
“We traced him to Disney Hotel, Owerri, where he was planning to kidnap the tribunal judges who were lodged there but our men stormed the place and he escaped with gunshot wounds to the home of his native doctor in Ohafia, Abia State, where he was eventually arrested in a pre-dawn raid.” 
The name, ‘Vampire’ according to security sources invokes fear in the hearts of families of victims who have heard gory tales of his blood chilling operations and often part with huge sums of money without informing security agents.
Not a few of his victims believe that the name ‘Vampire’ aptly depicted his huge appetite for bloodletting and violence.Giving dreadful details of his criminal activities in his five years of operation while being paraded, Vampire said that he had lost count of victims he had killed for failure to pay up the ransom or for getting security agents involved.

He particularly recounted how he killed his girlfriend, Sandra, who he said absconded with his N45 million. In his words:
“Yes I shot my girlfriend and everybody in their house because she stole my N45 million which I kept in my house.
I went to her family house in Lagos and when she saw me coming, she ran into the house I went in and shot her and everybody in the room. She died instantly but I don’t know how others died.
“I started kidnapping in the year 2000 and I joined the business because my people did not train me. 
The people that taught me the job have all been killed. I am from a polygamous family in Nwangele Local Government Area of Imo State.”
Vampire, who said he lived in Abidjan “with my wife and daughter”, admitted that his wife didn't know he was a kidnapper.

“My wife still thinks I buy and sell fabrics from Ghana which I was doing when I met her. Under the circumstance, I do not know if she is aware that I have been arrested.”
Vampire was subsequently dumped at the Owerri Prisons from 2015 to 2017 while he was standing trial at the Owerri High Court.
However, on Friday, January 27, this year, Owerri, the state capital, was hit by a massive shockwave which will linger for a long time in the minds of security chiefs in the state, particularly the officials of the Owerri prisons following the humiliation and embarrassment handed to them by Vampire.
In a classical commando style, Vampire on the said day was sprung out of the court premises in broad daylight by gunmen who took the Owerri High Court premises by storm, without as much as a whimper from all the security men and agencies represented at the court premises.
Vampire and about 80 other inmates had been brought to court for the hearing of their cases, but apparently oblivious of the plot afoot, the prison officials walked into a well laid ambush that triggered a massive stampede on the High Court premises. At the end of which, Vampire and eight other inmates escaped and returned to the list of criminals at large.

A few eyewitnesses to the incident  that it was a professionally executed breakout, “It appeared the gunmen were waiting for a cue from Vampire and struck immediately they got it.

Vampire had alighted from the Black Maria and instead of moving, he was deliberately playing heady with prison officials, refusing to move towards the court house. And it seemed that was the signal and the gunmen struck with massive firepower.”
The shooting on the court premises lasted for more than 10 minutes with Judges, lawyers, suspects, police orderlies and all other persons within the court premises scampering for safety. When the dust settled, five prison wardens were on the ground in the pool of their blood, scores of lawyers sustained various degrees of injuries with the court premises littered with wigs and gowns of fleeing lawyers.
Vampire and eight other suspects had vanished into thin air leaving the confused crowd of security men grasping for straws. With what transpired at the Owerri High Court, it is easy to concede that the planning of the attack was quite deft; firepower was superior; while execution and escape were carried out with professional precision.
Considering the circumstances of the escape, many residents were of the view that the security agencies in the state might have taken too many liber-ties with the kingpin to the point of approaching his detention with a careless and worrisome lack of seriousness. It would also be recalled that during a publicised interaction between Governor Rochas Okorocha, security agents and Vampire in 2015 when he was arrested; in reply to a question from Okorocha, the kingpin stressed that he did not want to be released and that it would be a bad idea to set him free under any guise.
He said, “I have killed many people and I am still rearing to go. My blood still dey hot.” In view of the terrifying track record of this crime lord and his unchallenged escape, many easily embraced the idea of a conspiracy theory.
They could not fathom why a criminal with such frightening track record should be conveyed to court with grossly inadequate security. Lawyers in the main observed that the court in question is located within the perimeter of the Imo Government House, next to the Deputy Governor’s Office, and right behind the official quarters of the Commander, 34 Brigade, Obinze, Owerri and the state commissioner of police.
Also disturbing was the complaint of a senior lawyer who disclosed that he called the Police Control room when the court was under attack but the officer who received the call boldly told the lawyer that they did not know the location of the Owerri High Court.
Whereas the court is right behind the official residence of the state commissioner of police. Beyond these, there are serious indications that Vampire was living large in prison and was coordinating kidnap operations from behind the bars.
The testimony of an official of the Owerri Prisons, Agim Chukwuma, 28, who was arrested for working for Vampire from inside prison and helping to organise series of kidnap operations from within the prison walls is a clear affirmation that Vampire was enjoying benefits only kings enjoy in detention. As such, his escape should have been expected.
Chukwuma was not arrested by the police; he was not arrested by the Owerri Prisons authorities but was busted right in Owerri prisons by a team from the Inspector General of Police (IGP’s) Intelligence Response Team (IRT) alongside Joseph Chiaotu alias Ejima, Anozie Chinonso and Uzodimma Chukwudi.
Even after Chukwuma was arrested and the racket revealed, indications suggest that nothing substantial was done to really lock down Vampire who, according to Chukwuma, was receiving his share of proceeds of kidnap operations even while in prison.
Vampire did not just organise kidnap operations from prison; he groomed and initiated young men into his nefarious trade.
If he could turn a prison official into a kidnap operator, prison inmates would have been no match for his cunning and devious mind. His escape as far as Imo residents were concerned was an inexcusable blunder on the part of security agencies in the state; all of whom blamed on the Owerri prison officials.
It was therefore the expectation of Imo people that government should take decisive steps to speedily restore the confidence of the residents of Owerri in the ability and capacity of government to protect them.
The state police command, having shown apparent deficiencies in its capacity to neutralise the operations of high-prized criminals like Vampire were shunted to the background by more efficient special forces from the office of the Inspector General of Police who took over the responsibility to track down the felon and his gang members.

A quiet but intensive manhunt ensued immediately the IGP’s squad took over the operations and on Thursday, 2nd March, 2017, Vampire was gunned down by the Inspector General of Police’s (IGP’s) Special Forces led by the Intelligence Response Team after a gun duel in a forest in Omu Awa community in Ikwerre council area of Rivers State.

The hoodlums who initially resisted and engaged the operatives from the office of the IGP in a gun battle, were later gunned down about 1:00 am on Thursday.

Five of his gang members – Obinna Elah, 26; Arinze Abecheta, 24; Chukwuebuka Ikeazota, 23; Samuel Ugochukwu, 24; and Clifford Aheana – were arrested in the operation while a cache of arms and ammunition were recovered from them.

This is also as impeccable Police sources narrated that intelligence devices deployed during the operations revealed that Vampire had resolved that someday he would be caught but assured his colleagues that it would be at a huge cost to the society.

The vicious gunman had according to credible police sources concluded plans to attack Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State and thereafter attack strategic public places which included the Concorde Hotel Owerri. He had boasted that he would execute his plans as soon as he returned from a strategic trip to India. The killing of Vampire was not a tea party.
It was not without many troubles. It stretched the wits, skills and courage of the special squad. According to one of the operatives of the IGP’s squad who was narrating the rigours of nailing the kidnap kingpin to his colleagues during the parade of the criminals, “Vampire is slippery and devilish. You will never find him sleeping inside the house.

He would always sleep in open spaces outdoors and he will spring awake and alert on the slightest noise, even a distant ringing of the phone. He was always armed clutching an AK-47.
The squad had tracked him to Ehime Mbano, he swiftly moved to Aba, we followed him to Aba but the environment was not too conducive as there were children playing all over the neighbourhood. He didn’t immediately see us but he sensed that he was in danger he escaped but his brother took bullets in his arm.

We came with the best men for the job so we intensified our search and tracked him to a forest in Omu Awa, Ikwerre LGA, laid our ambush but he was at alert. He defiantly engaged our men in a gun battle where he was gunned down.

That deflated his men some of who surrendered and were arrested.” The Force Public Relations Officer CSP Jimoh Moshood who breezed into Owerri immediately after the operation had nothing new to tell the residents except for the ceremonial appearances and acknowledgement of cheers following the successful operation in Rivers State.
In his days, Vampire established himself as a serial killer who had confessed to the murder of over 200 persons in more than 300 successful kidnap and armed robbery operations.

According to statement handed out by the state police command:
“The living members of the gang have made useful statements to the police confessing and admitting to have carried out four successful kidnap operations after the rescue of their gang leader from the Owerri High Court premises on January 27, 2017.”
Some of the kidnap victims who were abducted within this period also, were allegedly killed by Vampire.

Five AK 47 rifles, 300 rounds of AK 47 ammunition and charms found on the body of the deceased gang leader were part of the items recovered from the kidnap gang. Henry Chibueze, Vampire, 30, hailed from Agbaja in Nwangele council area of Imo State. In the underworld, he wrote his name in blood; he lived by the gun and died by the gun.

Source-New Telegraph

Apparently, rapper, Nicki Minaj has read and seen various comparisons between her outfit at the Paris Fashion Week and Lil Kim's outfit to MTV Music awards and wants to set things straight. She is insinuating that she got her inspiration from a painting by Picasso. She the photo and what she wrote after the cut..

Whoever said Nigeria is the happiest country in the world was not far from the truth. In Nigeria, there is absolutely a reason to be merry. One of such is Marriage. Wedding in Nigeria is one of the most ceremonious occasions everybody looks forward to. Unlike what we have in the west where marriages are not a big deal and can happen at any time, anywhere or with anybody, for Nigerians, it takes a whole lot to plan and prepare for either one’s traditional marriage or what we call “the white wedding”. In all, the wedding dress is most paramount issue of all the preparations. I guess it will be right to say that in Nigeria, there is no wedding without a ‘proper ghen ghen’ wedding dress. To prove this point is the fact that wedding dresses are what most Nigerian ladies look out for in any wedding. Well, like earlier said, Nigerian weddings comes in two major ways – the traditional wedding and the white wedding and for each, different wedding dresses are worn. Here are some of the indigenous wedding dresses worn in Nigerian Weddings.

The Yoruba Wedding Attire
The Yoruba traditional marriage ceremony even though a serious affair, is full of rich contemporary Nigerian music, graceful colors, sumptuous meals and above all somewhat funny banter. The dress of both the bride and the groom is selected with the utmost care. Aso-Oke is the Yoruba cultural attire that can not be missing in couple’s ensemble. Other fabrics such as cotton, damask, lace or even wax fabric (Ankara) can be worn on such occasion too but mostly in combination with the Aso-Oke.
The bride has a five-piece outfit made of the same color and fabrics as the groom’s. The lady wears a wide, long-sleeved blouse known as the Buba made mostly from a lace material, a wrap-around garment to be worn at the waist known as the Iro made of her prefered selected Aso-oke, a shawl or shoulder sash called the Ipele or Iborun made from the same Aso-oke as the Iro which she must drape over one shoulder as tradition demands of a bride, Gele – a scarf and finally a veil of very sheer and light material with which she will be covered until its time to unveil the bride and lets not forget matching shoes, a clutch and the glamorous feferiti
This is how the bride should Look when she first comes out. This is mostly her first look out of the many that will follow.

After her first look with which she is unveiled and greets the in-laws, the bride would then change into another dress which may or may not be the same with that of her husband, depending on how many change of clothes she has planned. The minimum for most people is two.

Other parts of her outfit include a Necklace which can be either beads or gold chain and earrings. The colors she chooses reflect the color theme her family has chosen which also complements the groom’s outfit. The groom on the other hand will have a complete four piece outfit of Yoruba wedding attires consisting of the Agbada (a two layered material of heavy dimensions), Sokoto (loose-fitting trousers), Buba (a short loose top) and Fula (the cap).

The Igbo Wedding Attire

The Igbo traditional wedding ceremony is usually placed higher than any contemporary weddings like church or registry weddings. In fact, it is the most important marriage rites any Igbo couple should perform. Usually, the bride and groom choose to wear the same fabric (though this is not compulsory) which is usually combined with heavy embroidery, beads and bangles.

For the bride’s first outing where she greets her in-laws and welcomes them with a dance, she is required to do the Ada Igbo dressing which signifies that she is yet to be married. She can choose to wear either a Nigerian wax fabric tank top, matching skirt, bold wrist bangle, large necklaces, waist beads (jigida), leg beads and an elegant bead crown on her hair. Alternatively, she can wear a blouse and wrappers accompanied with similar adornments around the neck, waist, ankles and wrists.

The body is adorned in white clay, waist beads (jigida), bangles, feet and wrist chains, gold, coral beads, ear rings, necklace, wrist lets. She can also wear brass leg rings with the toes painted in traditional hues depending on the color scheme, and her hair braided or woven with a beaded crown beautifying the head. The grooms outfit can be made from brocade material, top quality lace or a fabric called jacquard or silk, it should complement the fabric chosen by his bride, and the groom usually has on a large shirts which could be sown having elaborate embroidery and animal symbolism. Some brides do the wine giving in a separate attire before changing into the color the groom is wearing.

The Hausa Wedding Attire
Hausa people are known for rich their cultures and traditions especially in the way they conduct their weddings and dress their brides. Aside the fabrics, they are known to adorn their brides with beautiful traditional tattoos using what is called Lalli. Her art is done mostly on the hands and feet. The bride who is the center of attraction for the special occasion is also not complete until her hands and legs are painted in flowery designs with locally made darkening liquid fluid known as Henna.

Looking at the attire for the day, the bride ties a wrapper called abiah made with a colorful cloth with a matching blouse and shawl. She is also allowed to sew any other style she desires so long as it does not expose her body parts. On the other hand, the Groom wears a large flowing gown known as Babban riga and a robe called a jalabiya and juanni. Some men also wear colorful embroidered caps known as fullah. For the Hausa Bride and Groom, modesty is the watchword.

The Fulani Traditional Wedding Attire

The Fulani traditional marriage is done in either three or two stages depending on the tribe’s requirement and preferences. The Fulani are divided along class lines and are allowed according to Islamic injunction to marry up to four wives if they so wish.

They practice endogamy marrying distant cousins as first choices before other wives and go through the three stages which is the flogging called Sharo, Koowgal a dowry payment and Kabbal. The Kabbal is an Islamic ceremony akin to marriage ceremony but without the attendance of bride or groom.

The Sharo isn’t compulsory or recognized in certain tribes while the Koowgal is the most important part of the union. The Koowgal is the handing over of a herd of cattle as dowry prior to the maiden moving in as a wife.
The traditional Islamic wedding ceremony might vary according to subgroup but have Islamic laws as a core element. Polygamy is allowed in Islamic settings so long as the man can provide adequately for the wives upkeep, majority of Fulani marriages are arranged marriages. But they also have the freedom to choose their partners especially in special occasions like the young maidens dance.

Modern Muslim weddings after the dowry has been paid and the traditional Islamic ceremony concluded in a mosque or hall they might opt for a reception if they so wish.

Wedding Attire in Edo

Edo State of the South South Nigeria has from time immemorial been a home to many ethnic groups, including Bini, Akoko-Edo and Esan. The Edo wedding attire is largely known to be one decorated with lots of beads. The Edo wedding attire worn by brides during their traditional wedding ceremony is so rich and regal. They look like true African queens in their beaded coral attires. The brides have their hair made into a unique hairstyle known as Eto-Okuku. Coral beads are then sewn into the hair or extensions in to the form of a crown, called Okuku. Many brides buy wigs ready-made with the hair and crown.

They also tie beautiful wrappers made from a variety of fabrics including velvet, lace and George. Over the wrapper tied at their waist, some Edo brides wear the Ewu-ivie, a beaded cape or blouse. They also put on their necks with coral beads known as Ivie-uru and wear the Ivie-obo on their hands. To complete the regal traditional Edo wedding look, brides wear beaded earring. The man had a loin cloth for ordinary wear and three pieces sewn together known as igbu or male coverlet. This would give a total of four pieces on the minimum of loin cloth needed by every male.

Effik Wedding Attire

One thing you will love to know about the Efik traditional attire is its distinct cultural mix. It’s quite easy to mistake an Igbo bride for an Edo bride, but when you see an Efik bride and groom, you know without a doubt. The bride wears a fancy attire known as Ofong Ukod Anwang which includes a blouse (covering only the bust) a knee-length skirt, and fancy beaded body adornment or a long flowing gown called the Onyonyo. There is also the hair pins and a decorated staff which is carried by the bride. She also wears her hand and leg gears know as Ekpa ku kwa, with her neck adorned with coral beads. The groom wears white or sometimes gold color shirts with colorful wrappers known as the Usobo. Added to this is a beaded jacket, beaded shoes and a top hat with a long piece of cloth (Okpomkpomon) which they hang around their necks.

The Ijaw/ Kalabari Wedding
The Ijaw, Kalabari bridal attire is simply breathtaking! They love to wear coral accessories, the crown and chunky coral beads. The dressing of an Ijaw man will not be complete without the bowler now better known as ‘resource control’ a hat and a walking stick. Both men and women like to complement their very rich tunics and expressive feather hats with expensive coral beads and gold.
We have several other traditions and marriage attires but I think these are the most worn in Nigerian marriages. Marriages they say are made in Heaven but celebrated here on earth. In Nigeria, marriages are sacred and should be celebrated in a more sacred manner which is the traditional way. This does not in any way negate the efficacy of the white wedding. So why not try some of these attires for your wedding?

SOURCE: http://www.takemetonaija.com/2017/03/culture-checkout-these-indigenous.html

Aderemi Sijuwade, one of the sons of late Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuwade, surprised his fiancee, makeup artist Labisi Folawiyo with a luxury Mercedes Benz car as an early morning gift on their wedding day.

Prince Aderemi Sijuwade and Labisi traditionally wedded yesterday, March 4th, 2017 in a very lavish, beautiful ceremony that had the current Ooni of Ife and more dignitaries in attendance. The couple got engaged July 2016.

Check out the ride & pics from the wedding after the cut.

Former first lady, Maryam Abacha turned 70 years old yesterday, March 4th. The Abacha family came together last night to celebrate their matriarch's birthday in Manhattan, New York. Photos posted by her daughter, Gumsu.

A picture been trending on twitter (#pantbae) after a photo was taken of a lady out with her panties in the mall. It's been trending #pantbae

Heavy downpour has wreaked havoc in some parts of Ado Ekiti destroying, houses and other properties worth millions of Naira.

The most hit part are Adebayo and Oke- Oriomi areas of Ado Ekiti.

Some of the victims said that the two hours rain started at 3:00 on Friday followed with heavy storm pulling off roofs from buildings, destroying electric poles and vehicles.

At Isato Street located at the old Governor’s Office, the incident left the occupants of the affected houses homeless.

The residents said the downpour was the first in the state in 2017.

As they counted there loses, they called on the Ekiti State Government to come to their rescue.

“We are calling on the State Government to come to our aid.

“The roofs of our houses have been removed.

“Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) should please look into the area of maintenance of their facilities; some of the electric poles are half broken and due for replacement but nothing is done,” a resident said.

He said that they do not have any other place to put our heads.

No life was lost, but the areas had been thrown into darkness because of damage caused to electricity infrastructure.

Train Traveling To Kano Derails In Osogbo

A railway train travelling from Lagos to Kano state has derailed in Osogbo, the Osun state capital. The accident occurred late in the night on Friday with goods worth millions of Naira destroyed.

When Amiloaded correspondent visited the accident scene, there was a huge traffic gridlock around Old garrage/freedom park area of Osogbo.

The Cargo train according to eye witness missed it's rail from other coaches just as the ones conveying passengers continued the journey to Kano.

The accident which occured just a few metres away from the Osogbo terminus. Casualty still remain unclear but efforts are on to evacuate the affected coaches.

See photos from the scene below.. .

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